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way to defeat k9 detection?

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. that's a myth. nothing masks the scent of drugs, you have to fool the dog's handler.
  2. no, think about it...

    one the baking soda captures and the dried peppers mask. but sure do you what you want. i don't grow habanero peppers for nothing. but do what you want...

    if your are being searched carying lbs and you dont have "secret compartments" you are FUCT to begin with. so if you have a cooler with some meat in it and the dog is going nuts, they will look through it. not to mention when has a cop EVER in your life given you then benifit of the doubt? probably never if he was suspecting you of trafficking mj.

    but if you are at a state inspection station and they walk the dog around your car... which is the most likely way you will be cought besides being pulled over, in an accident, stop to help someone, etc... etc...

    seal-a-meal and wash the outside of the package with amonia. but really whats your great idea to hide lbs of pot? in meat? wtf are you doing bbq 100lbs of hamburger? that will raise suspicion. not to mention if some yahoo has watched this idea on SPIKE who the fuck else do you think has watched this?

    Sheriffs department raided a house and found 15 lbs of meth inside of cinder blocks that were capped with cement because they just didn't look right...

    i got pulled over for speeding and they took a video scope to my sub enclosure.

    now really out of all the experience you have getting caught? what advice can you share about where you went wrong?

    cause really, you have no fucking clue how many people use this method. i know people who take 30 lbs every season back to NY, NJ using this method from cali. so sure tell me how you do it.

    p.s. storing meat requires ice and changing adding to the ice. im not going 8 hrs south, were talking about 40 hours plus. oh yeah and being able to get rid of dried peppers is a lot easier then burger. so fuck it! whats your great idea?
  3. my great idea? no trafficking.

    discussion of it is against the forum rules, i believe.
  4. dude. i jus wanna no if ur recomending drug bears. cause i herd beard can sniff the sent of food up to a mile away. but a cop holding a bear on a leash wouldnt work to well. kinnda hard to train a bear. on the other hand, maybe the cop s should try this.

  5. hey thats what i meant when i said DONT BE STUPID!

    but if you are comfy with that great! go for it!

    dont shit in peoples cheerios when your only proof or "facts" are myth to even yourself.

  6. Better make sure they're blind dogs or else I think this is fail
  7. I bumped into a police officer with a k9 (I'm 99% sure it was a sniffer, since I saw him at the park where I'd been smoking 10 minutes previously) yesterday, but I walked within a couple of feet of the dog and it didn't so much as look at me. I had just picked up 2.8g of dank too.

    However, that's what it really comes down to, luck. While a dog might bark at one guy who has weed on him, he might not bark at the next, or he might bark at someone with nothing on them. Just be prepared to take the punishment if you're going to risk detection by dogs etc, as the odds are against you, no matter what you do.

    The meat thing does work but only for small amounts, and it's not really worth the risk either way.
  8. proboally a 15 y/o kid otherwise they wouldnt admit to something like that.
  9. dogs only sniff on command too.

  10. Dude, quit copying and pasting the first method that popped up when you did a Google search and acting like it's a legitimate way to mask the smell. It doesn't work - period. The smell will always permeate anthing it's stored in eventually.
  11. I would just stop smoking weed if cops used bears instead of dogs.:eek:

    ...Only joking :smoke:
  12. If the cops could actually train bears to help them with stuff, do you really think they'd limit it to drug detection? Hell no. They'd ride them around and use them to knock down doors and eat serial killers and shit.
  13. my best idea was to make everything have sent of weed on it. it sets the dog off constantly which usually results in them thinking its the dog acting weird or something but cant use it as a tool anyways.

    just an idea, never tried it before, but would.
  14. have you ever seen barry coopers never get busted again dvd? he specifically states that chili peppers and baking soda (along with anything else you can think of) do not work on detector dogs. the smell the pepper, the baking soda, and the pot, they smell EVERYTHING.

    even if the peppers kept the dog from smelling the weed, the harsh scent would cause him to jerk back, alerting the dogs handler that something was up.

    oh and submerging them in deisel fuel doesn't work either.

  15. [​IMG]
  16. #36 619er, Nov 26, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 26, 2009
    Actually.....Submerging Them In Fuel Is Exactly What We Do.

    We Got Cars That Are Plugged (meaning theres secret storages) And Compress The Bud Very Tightly (to the point where u break a part off no bigger than ur palm and u get an oz or more)....They Get Wrapped Up In Sandwich Wrap (at least 5 times) And Then We Dip Em In Gasoline...........The Thing Is, These Fucking Dogs Are Stoners...And They'll Smell That Shit...&& Through Lots Of Fails And Lots Of Bud And Money Lost.

    The Only Other Option Is To Compress The Freaking Weed Alot More And Have A Girl Sneak It In Through The Border, Walking (Taped Around Their Legs)......Around 2 Lbs At A Time Which Is Takes Up Too Much Time Cuz Sometimes The Bitches Chicken Out And They Decide To Go Back To TJ!....But This The Only Way This Can Be Done Seeing That The Dogs Are Out At The Border, Searching Through Thousands Of Cars Passing By The Hour.

    Now The Thing Is....How Bout If U Put The Bricks In Those Bag (the biggest bag on that website looked like it would fit a whole kilo)....And Then! U Dip It In Fuel....Yall Really Think The Damn Dogs Would Smell That??

    Of Course, This Aint No Fucking Medical Being Dealt With, Just Regular Ass (Meck)zican Bricked Weed.

    Ive Had Kilos In My Room And It Didnt Stink One Bit!!

    And If This Works.....30 Kilos=A Whole Weeks Work=3,000 Invested/24,000 Profit

    Tell Me That Shit Wouldnt Be Alot Easier!....I Need To Try It Out

    Anybody Down To Do It? Ill Pay Real Good....Only If U Live In San Diego
  17. lmao at this guy^

    if you want to move weed the only way you can do it is wrap it to the point where the smell won't permeate out in the time it's needed. that means a lot of wrapping.

    ever take weed on a plane?

    i have.

    put it in a bag, then wrapped that bag until there was two inches of plastic wrap, put that in a smelly proof bag, wrapped that up with another inch of plastic wrap, put that in a bag, then wrapped it again, then more plastic wrap, then a ziplock bag.

    no dogs were ever alerted.
  18. Yea But See Im Not The One On The Frontline Battling This Shit, Product Still Gets To The Buyer Tho...Its Just Shits Hectic In Tijuana And The Dogs Are Like Reinforced (probably getting higher dosages...lucky fucks)...But Its True!...

    They Even Got These X Ray Shits Ur Car Goes Through And It Sees Everything! U Get 2 Options, U Get Out And Let A Officer Drive Through It, Or U Urself Get The Choice To Drive Through It

    Idk WTF It Does But They Do Shit Like That....
  19. theres your test Get to it!
  20. Jesus, pal, turn off caps lock. Seriously, are you 13 or something?

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