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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by smokeyMcPot, Dec 19, 2001.

  1. Smoking pot is a way of life, live well my friends
  2. I certainly agree that it is a way of life. For many years I kept this part of me a secret from my family, friends, etc. After my divorce I raised me two children alone until they were able to move out of the house. My daughter in the meantime has moved back with her daughter into my house. Before she did, I told her of my relationship with marijuana and she confided that she too smoked the herb. Our lifes are together again as a family. We respect and love each other more since we became honest with each other. I smoked every morning before work and, of course, every evening.

    I am now that "better" person.

    Dennis in Florida
  3. LIVE WELL AND PROSPER!!! :hippie: :smoke: :smoking:
  4. Sing it out sister! Pot is a way of life and the only way you could even begin to understand it is to do it!!!!!! :smoke: Too bad everyone doesn't at least try it.
  5. Sorry, I just read my post and I don't know if your a boy or girl. I didn't mean anything by that. Shit. That's the problem with getting so messed up before I start posting.

    I looked at the whole smiley thing and didn't want to even try it now. But...sorry about that!
  6. I've been thinking about this question all night. Weed leads to the best life. Because of weed in my life I have learned to be content with what I have. Seek peace in my life above all esle. Be the best 'me' I can possibly be.

    I got up this morning, waked and baked, looked around and thought about this very question. Smoking pot...a way of life. No doubt :smoke:

    I hope I didn't repeat myself. This seemed important before I typed it. Hopefully I put something new in here. I've got to go to my 'yuck' job now. Yesterday my 17 yr old sprained his ankle in pe. Pretty bad! I told them I would maybe be 10-15 min late from lunch because I had to get him some ice, lunch, cash machine etc. AND go take care of my kid!!!! They told me I would get 1\2 an occurance. 4 occurances and your fired! So...I took the afternoon off. Did some medicinal smoking with my son. Hubby gets home tonight from Alaska.

    I gotta go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys:smoke:
  7. Sounds like you've reached a great point in your life livingrace! :hippie: I know that you have'nt been back in job market long, but don't let the "boss" stress ya! Bet that medicinal Toke' session with your boy felt reaaaaaaally good! :smoking: besides...ya still got 3 1/2 occurances left so party on!!
  8. that is so true man..........
    you know one time I was smoking pot and i said that very same thing......
    peace man.

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