wax with no nail?

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  1. so i got a gram of wax for 50 bucks from my dealer, and said just smoke it like herb,put in a bowl and light up, i think i got higher from the butane. but anyways, im strapped on cash and got maybe half a gram left, can i buy a $10-20 glass wand, heat it up, then just press it against the wax that i would have in a screen in my bowl? 
    Thanks for any and all posts

  2. Have you heard of hot knifes? The original way to smoke oil. Just get a butter knife and a straw .
  3. there shouldnt be butane in it??
    anyways heres what you do.
    1. Get a cigarette
    2. you dont have to smoke the cig but light it and ash into your bowl piece 
    3. once the ash is close to the top of the bowl, pack it down lightly not tight, just enough so its a soft bed of ash.
    4. put small or large piece for wax on the bed of ash
    5. smoke dat shiettttt
    6. profit
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  4. Put it on top of the bowl pack and hold the flame farther away than you normally would.

    Hot knife it.
    Twax up a joint by dripping the oil on it or lacing the joint with oil inside at intervals.

    Or actually be smart and buy a rig, because you're going to get more wax after you love this first batch so much, lmao.
  5. awesome, thanks for the posts
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    haha this is how you smack crack from a can also
  7. omg whats wrong with you people. butter knives?? this isnt the 90s dude we are EDUCATED nowadays.
    a screen will work but please dont ever spend 10-20 bucks for a hot wand, biggest ripoff ever.

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