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wax/shatter in coconut oil - is melting it just enough ok

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by chopthebenchsp, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Hello - sorry if this is a silly question but ive been trying to research online and cant find the info I need.

    I live in Brazil and the weed we have here is terrible, it shouldnt be but it is :( I usually just smoke and sometimes make space cakes when the weed is really dry and shitty.

    My gf had to visit the US for a work trip and she just got back today and woke me up to tell me she got some cannabis oil and then presented me with a jar of coconut oil... I found out that she was talking with an Uber driver about smoking and she said she wanted to buy some oil and he then said he could get her some stuff to make the oil herself. basically after talking with her Ive discovered that she brought around a gram of wax - she said is was kind of sticky and was on a rizla - as its ilegal here he suggested she dissolve it into a jar of coconut oil! so thats what he did! he took the wax off of the paper ad just put it in the jar of coconut oil (400ml jar) it melted in the heat and so now i have this jar of coconut oil with a gram of dissolved wax in it. he told her it was very potent and she had to remember it was 800mg.... ive really no idea about this stuff and neither does she - so my question is this - can i just use it as it is? like maybe cook with it of else just have a spoonful and see how I feel? do I need to do anything else? I keep reading about decarbing and BHO but I just cant figure out what this is and i guess its too late to do this now anyway as its already in the coconut oil.

    any help/advice would be great.

    thank you so much

    Angela :)

  2. Make some food and put 2 spoons of oil in eat it and wait 1-2 hours to see how you feel, if you don't feel anything then up it to 3 spoons then 4 ect till you find out what gets you medicated
  3. If there is really 800 mg thc in that 1000 mg wax, then
    Potency = (800 mg thc) / (400 mL) = 2 mg thc / mL
    One teaspoon is 5 mL, or 10 mg thc
    One tablespoon is 3 teaspoons, which would be 30 mg thc
    One teaspoon might get a new edible user medicated, and one tablespoon almost certainly would.

    But there is a potential major problem of whether the wax has been decarbed to activate the thc.
    If it hasn't then there will be near zero potency, and almost all dispensary concentrates are not decarbed, except maybe for rick simpson oil.

    If you hadn't already added the wax to the oil, then it would've been easy to decarb in air (240 F for 40 min), but decarbing herb in oil is different from decarbing in air. I have been unable to find reliable data on in-oil decarb, so I avoid it, and don't really know how to advise you.

    You must be very careful, because it would be easy to ruin the herb with too much heat. If I were in your shoes, I'd search the internet for recipes that cook un-decarbed herb into oil, and then follow some consensus recipe.

    Next time for better accuracy decarb first.
    And of course, if the concentrate was already decarbed, then you're good to go as is.
  4. thanks for the replies - I have just taken a big swig of oil from the jar (disgusting) so around a tablespoon id say...I'll see what happens.

    I have no idea wether it was decarbed... I knew nothing about this until today. my gf just said it was like a waxy consistency and was a couple of mill thick and on a rolling paper. it was the guy who suggested she buy a jar of coconut oil and add it to that to disguise it incase she got stopped at customs returning to brazil.. i could see some dark patches in the oil as it hadn't melted fully so to mix it i stood the jar on the radiator (yes its cold in Brazil at this time!) to melt it fully and its now mixed and the oil is a lovely yellow colour and i can smell the weed quite strong.

    why do people sell this wax/shatter stuff without decarbing it first?

    thank you again :)
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  5. There is a way to decarb your oil if you have an oven. I have done this and had it tested so I know it works. The only issue you'll have is that your oil isn't very strong. It's just 2mg per ml of oil so you'll need about 5ml for a 10mg dose just to give you an idea and unfortunately, there's no way to concentrate it any further.

    If you have an oven, preheat it to 118°-120°C. Once it's stabilized, pour your oil into a glass or ceramic heat safe dish/bowl and place it in the preheated oven and let it reach the oven temperature which takes about a half hour. Once the oil has reached the 118° mark, set a timer or check the clock and let it heat for 2 hours. Sometimes it will bubble but probably not in your case because of the low concentration. After that 2 hours your oil is ready for use.

    Good luck. :)
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  6. It's usually meant for smoking so it doesn't need to be decarbed. Plus, if it's decarbed first then the texture of the concentrate changes. :mellow:
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  7. Ah I understand now! ok thank you. wow in 20 years of smoking and making space cakes id never heard of decarbing stuff. Im happy I learned something today :)

    Im going to put it in the oven as youve suggested and see how it goes.

    thanks so much for the helpful replies
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  8. It's best done before you make your oil for best results. :sneaky:
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  9. No
    That is very useful info.
    Interesting that air decarb at that temp is 1/4 as long. My first ever edible a few years ago, decarbed at 250 F for 30 min in oil. No wonder it failed.
    Makes me worry less about baking with decarbed herb inside oily baked goods.
  10. No?

    I've run a few tests with lab results for various times and every time 2 hours was the optimal point without degradation. Of course, it takes another half hour for the oil to reach 240 before the clock begins. It does a very good job, though.

    Unless your baked goods are going to reach an internal temperature of 240°F there won't be much, if any, additional conversion. I have found that if I have THCA left after the decarb then I'll still have a similar proportion in the baked good.

    Of course, you save all that simply by decarbing first if the opportunity is there. :)
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  11. I about to put it in the oven and just turned on my oven to Im a bit confused as the first post says to pre heat the oven to 120 and then once its reached 120 to put the oil in the oven - allow 30 min for the oil to reach 120 and then let it sit in the oven for 2 hours. if this is correct I think I can leave it in the glass jar its already in.

    then the other post says 240 degrees.... I wasnt going to bake with it to be honest...I was planning on just having a spoon or putting it in a cup of hot chocolate and drinking it as its easier to just have when you feel like it rather than baking etc.

    120 for 2 hours is better than 240 for 1 hour is what I think is being said but i wanted to check before I put it in the oven.... sorry If im being really stupid here and thank you again for the help and patience :)
  12. If you use Celsius then 120° and if Farenheit then it's 240°. Since you're in Brazil, I gave you the C temp and the F temp to bkarnaze. Sorry for the confusion. If you were using 240°F it would still need 2 hours but 240°C would be too, too much. 2 hours at 120°F wouldn't be hot enough.

    The jar should be fine all the way through the process as long as it can take the heat. You won't need to bake with it unless you want to but remember that it 10mg = 5ml of oil if that wax was 800mg and you had 400ml of coconut oil. :)
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  13. Thank you so much! I did exactly as you said and later today I'll try another spoon of it :-D yesterday I took a big swig from the jar and i didnt feel anything really - so I'll try again later to see if its made any difference. Actually Im dying to try it now but I have to drive for 3 hours so its better to wait haha.

    I have to say the whole apartment absolutely stank last night! it certainly smells potent once heated!

    thanks again and I will report back on the results later or tomorrow :)
  14. Remember that it isn't very strong so it will take quite a bit to feel it, 15-20ml at least. Good luck with it. :)
  15. Heyyyy - sorry for the late reply, Ive been away and had no signal.

    so I tried the oil now and it has made a difference for sure, can feel it much more now. The only problem is that it leaves me feeling kind of sedated and a bit sick and then the high comes after around 90 min... I can only assume the wax was made with some stuff grown using hydroponics and chemicals as I never usually get this sedated feeling. anyway...thanks for all the help guys :) I'll have to make some cookies of something i think as swallowing lumps of coconut oil is really pretty gross hahaha
  16. I believe that it's probably the chunks of coconut oil that is making you a bit nauseous. It has that effect and you might get some diarrhea because of it. Cookies might not be a bad idea. The sedation may be due to the strain and 90 minutes is about right for the onset. If you or your girlfriend get the opportunity again, just use about 60ml of oil instead of 400 and then you'll have some really good oil. ;)
  17. I doubt that the hydro made any difference, but anything's possible.

    Although most weed can be sedating for some people, sativas or sativa dominant hybrids might instead perk you up.
    That's the case with a friend, who doesn't like indicas or indica dominant hybrids, because they induce drowsiness, but loves the sativas and sativa hybrids.
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