wax or flower with a bowl

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  1. If you didn't have a oil rig but you have access to dank wax would you rather buy the tree or would you still get the wax?
  2. Got a bong or bubbler with removable bowl piece? If so, invest $20-$40 in a quartz bucket that will fit it, a bed bath and beyond torch, and grab the wax - don't go crazy big with your dabs, start small, no bigger than grain of rice until you get your dab temperature zoned in - every nail is different.

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  3. I try to shy away from dabs cause I'm afraid I won't be able to enjoy flower highs anymore, but I have to admit the high is nicer (especially if u have a high tolerance or don't have access to high grade bud) and it's a lot easier on my lungs cause all I need is one hit per session. Without a rig it would be hard to smoke it. If you still want to get wax, though, either follow tenshuu's advice, or get any concentrate Vape pen. They usually work decently with concentrates (unlike herb, since most just combust it).

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