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Wax, made from butane only super unhealthy ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DoinDabs, Jan 24, 2014.

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    1st things 1st i did try searching for this but whenever i go to "advanced search" and search "wax" in title only it does nothing and i couldn't find what i was looking for to save my own life so here's my question.
    My buddy makes wax with trim about 3-6 plants of trim everytime he makes it. He uses i think 10 bottles of butane and puts it into a pyrex and then on a hot plate until it starts to turn to crumble then vaccs it for like 24hrs. It's then crumble golden brown/yellow smells dank as FUCK stays together sometimes othertimes is almost powdery and burns super quick.
    My question is how unhealthy is this or am i just crazy? I smoke bud all day for over 6years and it never makes my heart/chest hurt for LONG periods of time like this (except blunts now a days). Sometimes he hits the wax with 99.99% alcohol and it is a bit less harsher and such. I've had COwax from the dispencry and it NEVER makes me feel shitty in the chest/lung department like my buddys does even tho i get just as blitzd off each.
    Is there still butane in the wax? Is it super unhealthy? Am i damaging my lungs for the long run?
    If there's anything i could tell him to do to improve this i'd def like to know or hear from some of your experiance's if you've made your own wax.
    Also how can you tell if there is butane or alcohol in the wax still after it's done like by color,odor,taste,how it makes your chest feel???
    It's not just dabs that make my shit hurt it's also when i smoke it in my pen. I just don't get it...
    ANY HELP is better then none.
    p.s. i can get pics of it if you'd like so feel free to ask.

  2. didnt even feel like reading it. its not dangerous. its in lighters too. when you heat up the dab all of it evaporates in to the air instantly you dont inhale any of it at all ever its just a taste and harshness thing. 
  3. lol @ you^ if your errl has a bunch of tane in it, you can bet your ass you're inhaling it. How is the residual butane gonna escape the airflow pulling the vapors through the dome but not the cannabinoids/terps? think about that for a good minute.
    if its wax by the time he puts it in the vac, thats pointless, your oil should be clear while vaccing and not made into wax until its entirely purged and clean. how much material did he use 10 cans on?
    Obviously if you're smoking garbage oil, its not gonna be good for you. butane extracts produced properly are fine.
  4. This is the most ignorant thing I've seen on this board in a long time
  5. He uses 1.5 cans of butane per 28grams.
    I just wanna know why it hurts my chest/lungs so bad and if it's harmful to my health in the long run.
  6. p.s. majority of my wax is smoke in my pen instead of dabs but you know we all love dabs!
  7. I know from my own experience that when I get that sensation in my lungs and chest that the butane has not been completely extracted from the oil. Its a form of BHO sickness. Tightness in the chest almost making it feel like you're having heart pains but it's butane in your lungs. Maybe your friend just needs to purge the oil over heat for longer before vac purging it. That could make a difference in what's left over after the process is supposed to be finished.Live High. Stay High. 💚💛❤️
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    1.5 cans per oz seems like a lot in my experience. My last run of BHO I bought a pack of 12 cans with the assumption I'd use a can per oz, but I ended up running about 6 ounces using about 75% of 3 cans. The stuff left in the cans I used to make the bho I'm going to use for refilling lighters and torches, etc. I'm not an expert on this stuff but that seems like a lot of butane. How was it purged, and for how long?
    EDIT: I ran trim as well as your source OP.
    It could be that I don't use enough butane, since the partner I make it with who is more experienced than me says that my stuff looks like it can be re run.
  9. I've tried making dabs with butane. The result was some funky-ass shit that was brown in color. Not the purest looking thing, but that shit hit pretty good. Tasted pretty good too, but I wouldn't be smoking homemade dabs all the time.
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    Most if not all the oil you buy was made in a 'homemade' type fashion. You don't need a lab to get good quality product, you need some basic equipment, but mostly just follow the instructions, be patient and safe, and you're good to go. It can be a very unsafe process though, which is why you need to take care to follow a guide and know what you are doing, and take the proper precautions. The quality of what you get is based on the level of care and effort you go through when purging.
  11. Oh word homie. I know that, I'm just saying I wouldn't be smoking the dabs I make all the time because I don't take a whole lot of time tryna purify it. I'll stick with buying them, have some other homie do all the work for me lmao
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    Is there anything i can do with the wax by the time it's in my hands to get more butane out of it? Like clean it more?
    And is there any guide's on here for making your own homemade wax from butane, and getting ALL the butane out?
    He'd make it like the dispencry makes it but you need a very expensive machine to do so thus why he hasen't yet.
    Also is the butane destroying my lungs/fucking me hardcore or just giving me pain til it's outta my lungs?
    Thanks for your guys help with this thus far.
  13. it dissapates in 1/20 of a second
  14. #15 DoinDabs, Jan 27, 2014
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    Tonight i had some $90.00 a vile oil from a dispc and it was so fucking chronic. My chest hurt but in a GOOD way like if u took a giant rip of kief. It was like i smoked some SUPER SATIVA it was great.
    I'm still hoping someone can tell me how unhealthy this is with the butane tho you guys are my mary jane scientist's!
  15. bumping til someone tells me if butane is killing me or not by science.

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