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  1. First time about to buy wax. Everything about it is foreign to me. I have no idea what any of this means. Can someone do me the honors of translating this entire message/explaing what this stuff he's talking about is and what it means? It would be beyond appreciated lol. Thanks! IMG_0777.jpg
  2. A rig or dab rig is a bong like glassine used to consume wax. Wax is hash oil. Hash oil is a concentrate of ganja.

    To consume wax you can do it a few different ways. The easiest is what's known as green screening. You pack a bowl, drop a small piece of wax in the middle of the ganja you packed in there, then hit it lightly with indirect flame. It will melt down into the ganja and then smoke like a bowl normally does. The smoke will be far more dense so hit it easy. You can also put wax in a doobie. It doesn't take much.

    Another way is an atomizer pen. It's a wand style battery, heating element and globe. You put a small bit of wax on the element, hit the power button, the element heats up, the wax smokes and starts to fill the globe. Hit it easy for dense hits and faster for airy hits. Hit it to hard / fast and you'll end up cooling the element down and it won't hit right.

    Dab rig, it's a small glass water pipe with a nail or some other deal you beat up, drop the wax on the heated nail or what ever you have and inhale the hit. When done right it is the most amazing thing you will ever experience. Flavor, buz, atmosphere, it is a kick ass experience but it takes an experienced user to get the full mileage out of dabs.

    I would get some wax and try a little bb sized piece on a bit of ganja. Smoke it out of a bowl or bong, just hit it easy as it can choke the ever loving shit out of you if you're not expecting it. A couple hits and then 10 minute adjustment period is in order before you smoke a bowl of that magnitude to your noggin...
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  3. K so he is saying normally he charges 50 a g for hash oil (or wax) but may not have any of that at the moment since he thinks he is out of the reg which I guess to me is his regular hash oil (regular doesn't tell you anything, is it BHO, Live Resin, Rosin, etc)...The rso/chocolate I would imagine would be chocolate infused with Rick Simpson Oil, but there is no way a G of RSO is going to be $30 because it is very concentrated)... And him saying he may have a g of some "real good light stuff" again doesn't tell you anything, yes, lighter/more transparent is generally a good thing with concentrates, but for 70 a g that better be some killer Live Resin or some sauce, but 70 a g is pricey, I have paid it before but I was desperate haha...And him saying he has treats means he has medicated snacks, probably krispy treats, candies, brownies etc
  4. Wow dude! Thank you so much, do you think it's worth getting the rso since it's cheaper?
  5. Very thorough! Thanks for the help :)
  6. The RSO is not RSO, that goes for over 60 a gram no matter what...also I would ask for clarification on what RSO/chocolate is because to me that sounds like he just dropped some RSO into some melted chocolate and let it harden up like an edible.

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