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Wax Dreams

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by G4Grassdetta, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. I'm sure we've all had plenty of weed dreams in our lives. I've definitely posted some years ago but it's been a minute since I thought about the topic even though it's a recurrent theme in sleepland for me.

    Last night is what followed as the most powerful dream I've ever had about THC. Haven't ever had a wax dream and it honestly impacted me in a way that I can't explain.

    Keep in mind, I've been taking an extended Tbreak, so this obviously has something to do with it. I dream about weed when I'm smoking but not so strong.

    Anyway, the dream itself was pretty interesting but this random dude offered me a hit of his "wax" and I took a dab and there wasn't really much to go off of and I wasn't really "feeling" it. So he left me his bong and somehow there was little bits and pieces all inside the bong. LARGE pieces. Was literally getting some of the most monstrous hits I've ever had. Somehow the pieces stayed like cracked ice and they were cooking from the inside out. Eventually I felt a little guilty because the dude didn't know that all this was here so I found him and showed him how much he really had. Proceeded to torch a large piece inside the bong and showed him how to just suck up the ghostly cloud (that somehow just hovered there to be sucked up quickly).

    I realize it's a little bit jumbled, but damn, I smelled it, I tasted it, felt all the power/energy of many sessions. Suffice it to say, my tbreak is probably done for. Always get that forbidden fruit vibe from wax...and this was amplified in the dream with exceptional relish.

    Historically, one of my favorites about herb was when I was on probation I kept having dreams where I'd get offered weed, find it, etc etc but couldn't forget in any of my dreams that I was on probation and so I couldn't ever smoke it. To find when I wake up that it was a dream and I could have. Was frustrating.

    Then one night, I had a dream where you were allowed to smoke a blunt if you paid $20 to the drug testing people and smoke right before the test in a state sanctioned room. They provided the blunt and right after you took your DT and you would pass (dream logic). My parents were even willing to pay the $20 as a treat for me. but I couldn't because I was taking hair tests at the time and that room was for people with urine tests. Ultimate troll lol.

    Tl;dr. Waxy/weed dreams. Share some please :)
  2. Dreaming about being high doesn't impact your tolerance. When I was being tested I'd have dreams where I'd just smoked and was notified about a test coming up. I'd dream curse myself for being so stupid to smoke while being tested.
  3. Yeah any time I have ended up smoking in a dream where I wasn't supposed to I'd be kicking myself in the teeth, so disappointed that I gave in and what was going to happen now, etc etc. Then I'd wake up with relief. Is pretty funny.

    Doesn't impact my tolerance, no. But when it starts to break through my subconscious so frequently, I tend to think it might be "that time" once again. Regardless of whether or not I accomplished what I meant to.

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