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Wax Dabs for the First Time

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Myquestionsa, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. I have never smoked anything in my life. I have never done any drug, but my friend, who happens to be the captain of the hockey team asked me if I wanted to smoke wax dabs on Sunday, just him and I. I said "yes," due to the fact of being curious and hanging out with my friend. 
    I know Wax Dabs are extremely strong, so what will it be like for me, especially since I have never done regular marijuana? We're smoking it out of a vaporizer. 
    I'm just telling my parents that I'm going to his house to watch the football game, which will last over 3 hours. If the game starts at 1, we smoke at 12:45, will the high be gone by 4:30, when it's time to go? I mean, I won't have to leave right at 4:30, but if I'm still there at 7, suspicion will arise. 
    I also want to know, will I have full control of my mind while high? I mean, like if my parents text me a half hour into being high, will I be able to reply just as I would when I wasn't high? Also, how do I cover all of this up? Do I smoke in different clothes? Do I brush my teeth when done? Do I have to put on more deodorant? 
    Thank you for all of your answers!

  2. Dabbing to pop your cherry....uhhhh, just take one small hit and wait ten minutes to see how you feel. Will you be able to function? Maybe so maybe not...just understand and remind yourself, if necessary, that nobody has ever died from weed as it's entirely possible you'll be spending some time in the fetal position contemplating your decision, all of your decisions, ever. Good luck, have fun.
  3. if you're at all like this noobie I met 3 years ago, you will green out, start throwing up, and do everything in your power to not make a mess but still fail.
    You know the little ball that's on some needles? yeah. don't even take one that big. cut that minuscule ball in half.
  4. Just a tiny tiny bit like the tip of a pen. Start small because I'm seasoned and 3 or 4 dabs will have me lost in space for an hour or two. When I first started smoking it was normal to be high for 4 hours even 6 hours or a little longer sometimes. You'll probably feel something going home and when you're there but nothing noticeable unless you make it that way. You would be able to text just re read everything about 5 times to make sure it's right (and to the right person). If after 10 minutes you don't feel anything take another. I would exceed 3 or 4 dabs the whole time you're over there though or it's going to be obvious you're baked like a little debbie snack cake.
  5. As far as communicating, I wouldnt speak on phone with your parents, texting should be fine because they can't tell you're high while texting them unless you type like a retard

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  6. Theres no need to change clothes or anything, vaping produces practically no smell whatsoever, eat some food and the smell in your mouth will be gone! Take 1 small hit and after you've removed the vape from your mouth take a deep inhale to really get the smoke in there then exhale! Good luck :)
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    You'll be okay man. You're not going to get sick, green out or any of that shit if you play it safe. As others have already mentioned tell buddy to give you a dab a quarter of the size of his, maybe a little less. If you're calm and don't go crazy with the wax, you'll be okay. I would say wait 15-20 minutes before you take another hit if needed - Wax tends to sneak up on me.
  8. you gonna green out boy. don't dab your first time
  9. Calling BHO "dabs" is like calling weed "hits"

    You don't do "dabs", you dab BHO and other concentrates; just as you hit a joint or hit a bowl

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    This exactly....wax dabs? Haha would you like a corona beer too? Or a hamburgers eat? Dabbing is the act of smoking oil, its not an actual thing. I guess you could refer to something as a dab when your about to hit it. But its not an actual thing
  11. come on people its the dudes first time smoking, who cares if his vernacular isn't correct...
    personally I wouldn't dab my first time, I went to space my first time off 3 hits...if it was a dab I may have had a bad reaction to and maybe it would have turned me off from herb all together
  12. It's better to correct him now than later.

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