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Wax and Concentrate?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HUNTER12, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. I'm not sure the difference of these two. I'm looking at the dispensaries, under Concentrate they have Hash. The other dispensary they have Lemon crumble under Wax, but same prices. I'm trying to learn and make sure I get the right product. Are these the same only named differently? thanks
  2. wax, shatter, bho, crumble are made through a butane extraction, as opposed to "hash"could be...well anything really, water hash, pressed kief, dry sift. they are both under the "concentrates" category but different methods/techniques. think of it like cheeseburger vs chicken burger....both are still under the burger category of the menu, but different.
  3. I think I got it, and all of these can be smoked with vapor pen or pipes using a torch, correct?
  4. That depends on what pen you have and if it's hash,kief or wax. Some lens only do wax and some only do herb like the PAX.

    Hash and kief is normally combusted meaning not vaporized, using a pipe, bong, bubbler etc. I've never tried to dab hash.

    I believe you get the most out of wax when it's been vaporized on a dab rig or in a pen. You can combust it but you may not get the most potency out of your product ( I haven't fact checked this yet ).

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    I highly suggest dabbing hash, I like it better then bho
  6. Yeah I'm not quite sure now which is which. I just bought the Arizer Solo that I'm using for bud, but I also want to get the Micro Vaped with glass dome, just want to make sure what concentrate it burns.
  7. If it has a nail on it you use wax, oil, or shatter.
  8. It doesn't have a nail but I think it something similar, so it might work.

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