WAWODs ... ...?

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Feb 12, 2003.


which are you? which term do you prefer?

  1. keep it the same. WAWOD - Warrior Against the War On Drugs, that way at least some of us will know

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  2. SAWOD - Stoner Against the War On Drugs

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  3. TAWOD - Toker Against the War On Drugs

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  4. FFAWOD - Freedom Fighter Against the War On Drugs

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  5. PHAWOD - Pot Head Against the War On Drugs

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  6. PAWOD - Pasaphyst Against the War On Drugs

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  1. is that really the best name for activists?


    I dunno, that just doesnt seem like me.
    even if we are @ war... i still don't want to be a warrior.
  2. I was about to put pacifist, but wasn't the poll for the name of an activist??!!?? Seems like an oxymoron to me.

    Anyways since I'm the first to vote, as you can see, I put freedom fighter....cause it sounds cool and sophisticated.
  3. Ghandi was an activist.

    your actions as a pasaphyst are still valid.
  4. ahhh....So I see now

    But does this mean that any pacifist is an activist cause he is doing it for a cause.
  5. umm...pasaphyst?
  6. I like the term "freedom fighter"

    After watching the news for the past 48 hours I can tell you that war is inevitable.

    One minute I hear that Iraq is starting to make an effort to disarm and handed some documents over on chemical weapons and the next minute I hear that Britain has sent more troops and the U.S. is sending 38,000 to Turkey.

    Ohh you were talking bout the war on drugs...*doh*
  7. Yeah, I like Freedom Fighter better too

  8. YEAH! u gotta problem with deslixik pasifystdz?
  9. definitly sawod cause we are stoners man

  10. hehe yepyep thats what I put, has a better ring to it

    Stoners to the rescue \o/

  11. Yep...and I hate all you stonyrrz too...JUST KIDDING!


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