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Wavy lays

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. Any one else like these potato chips??

    They are great for dipping!!!
  2. all Lays appear to be wavy after a few good tokes.
  3. I agree, I think these may be the best potato chips for dipping. I definitely think Lays are the best tasting potato chips and the wavy ones have extra structural integrity for when heavy dippers such as myself and probably Bud Head here get down to business and really start shoveling the sauce around. P.S. my favorite dips for these chips are onion dip and ranch dip. For spinach dip I like to use the sourdough bread pieces they hollowed out to make the bread bowl for the dip. Word.

  4. You can't eat just one........

  5. what do you work for them BH? now they are going to be on my mind until I buy them even if Im not even hungry for them. mmmmmmm salt. I like the hckory bbq ruffs. *chomp* weeeeeee *ExPLodE((and then I lick the corner of your mouth were the salt lick resides.
  6. you know what it hella good, instread of gettin sour cream and onion chips, is gettin regulr lays and makin a sour cream and onion dip. also throw in some chives, dill,pepper, any other herbs to your liken'

    whao i just thought of a GREAT idea!!!
  7. omg i have the strongest form of munchies now....mmmm beacon
  8. WHOA. I'm so eating wavy lays right now!

    Is this some kinda sign?? What does it all mean???????


    baked lays are good too!
  9. i was walking around with a big bag of jalapeno wavy lays all day today.
  10. iluv every single kind of lays chips. everyone. as far as i can think yep. pretty sure. i wish i had some now in a bad way! i like my wavy chips with garlic dip or dill pickle dip. hmmm. and i dubble dip. aaaaahhhh i luv the stuff!!!!

    ZIA what is a clover club? a dip or something or chips with clover? lol i don't know!
  11. never heard of them. shitty i can't get any. but i'll remember that. thnx.
  12. baked potato chips are the only ones for me......

    tonight i just a alot of ice cream...ugghhh sooo painfully good....:)_
  13. i'm a sucker for icecream too. thank god i don't have any!
  14. i feel so nasty... i killed an enire pint..... good dinner though at 3:07 am....:D.....

    ben and jerry's makes good stuff....
  15. lol! i know but see u just loved it didn't you! ooohh i would of lol! an entire pint! what kind did you have? must of been good if u ate that much.
  16. Bud you need to lay off potato chips and dip, they cause heart attacks don't you know :D

    Try the baked Lays, no fat and are heart healthy choice. I like the sour cream and onion baked Lays.

  17. it was chubby hubby.....peanut butter ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels filled with peanut butter......sooo goood....

    omg...kc master peice baked bbq lays own.....they'll kill any other

  18. Yes BPP I eat baked lays alot!!!

    I just had a craving for wavy lays and homemade sourcream and green onion dip!!!!!!
  19. next time ive got some spare shake, im gonna have to make a new little recipe...sour cream and onions and WEED...mmm weed

    any way i have a good story bout ice cream. I wasa over at my freeinds house and we were gettin blazed (of course) and i had the munchies really bad. he had a fuckin half pint of cookies and cream. He told me i could have it if i let him take a punch to the stomach. Oh ya i took it like a man, but he was high as hell and i dont think he relised that he barely punched me :) Were still good freiends but that reminds me im gonna have to get him back sometime

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