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  1. Hey everyone I guess I am just a little paranoid but I live in a pretty small house (about 1100 square feet) and got two 400w HPS and I really don't know if I am using to much electricity compared with my neighbors. Does anyone know how much electricity do this lights use per month and what does it take too start looking suspicious?
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    1kw/hr = 1000w/hr

    800w/1000w= .8

    .8kw/hr*12cents kw/hr=9.6cents an hour


    18/6 light scedule - $51.84

    12/12 light schedule - $34.56

    Edit: The price per kw/h could be different, so just change the numbers in the math.
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    OP Just wondering how many plants you were planning on growing.
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    On Topic:
    In my unprofessional opinion, unless you already use excessive amounts of electricity, the lights are not a problem
  9. thats what i want to know. what is an excessive amount of electricity?
  10. I think having like 4 1000w lights in a room would be excess...you could blame it on a new mini fridge and tv? or you leave lights on so the boogey man doesnt get you
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