Watts vs. Weight

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ss396, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. im trying to stay low key .. from the hydro company , i only wanna do 1-4 lights ,...

    probably 1-2 to start my first show , what wattage can i get away with for weight

    i really need a pound per light , can i do it with a 400w hps?

    600w hps

    800w hps

    or do i have to use the 1000w? thanks guys
  2. how many plants, what strain, and how big of a space you have to grow? and are you growing hydro?

  3. you could get 1lb from a 600 watter I am sure..

  4. strain unknown , i live in bc canada and theres alotta hype about this kush stuff , my bro happened to have about 80 seeds from a crop that got pollenated. i assume its plentiful harvest being that outhere everything is basically commerically grown.. so.. ill ger some.. under floros , frind a strong female. clone her... i have a 7'x8' space i wanna do 1-2 lights in.... cram it full of good foods... fresh air , if someone could tell me about climate control without a air conditioner or co2 burner...

    ya so 600w could do it u say?.
  5. Kush depending on the strain will most likely give you the lowest yield but featches the most money. PK is now going from 3-3.2K per lb.

    Other no Kush strains with give you way better yield but you might only get about per lb.
  6. theres a guy on here, who gets just about a pound every harvest, and uses 1 400w HPS, and grows one plant...
  7. ya thats a shit load to me , i live int he vancouver bc area , and about 5 years ago , good stuff was 1800-2000$/lbs... maybe 2100 if it was amazing and something different .

    now its like 2200-2400 for average to low quality... 2400-2600 for good and for the kush crazy people around here its 2800

    i want more quantity with a good quality ... i wanna yeild atleast a ppund per light...

    who knows what the seeds are i mean i dont even trust seed banks u can come across so many seeds people just give them away , these people claim it to be a certain strain but who knows... i just wanted to get something going...

    can anyone tell me what i would need to set up 1-2 lights in a 7x8 foot room , cuz i dont have the cash for co2 burner and air conditioner... plus i dunno how to controlt he climate... help!

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