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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Drucias, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. This may be the dumbest question ever but I am asking in all honesty.
    Ive just started using lights to grow my plants (i only have one) there are two lights which are 33 watts a piece my question is this: is two 33 watt lights too much and how many watts would it take for the light people to become nosey?

    They are tubular Floros
  2. I'm pretty sure 66 watts of flourescent lights is not going to arouse suspicion on the electricity bill.

    Maybe if you were running a 400 watt HPS, then I could see the bill going up.

    Just a quick question for people that know a little more than me, would my 150 watt HPS make the bill go up a lot??
  3. 150 hps uses the same as two normal light bulbs in your house so 150watt x 12hrs a day = 1800watts or 1.8kw =16-20 cents a day for 12hrs ,,150watts x 18hrs = 2700watts or 2.7kw =24-28 cents a day for 18hrs , x that buy 30 is how much it would cost ,,,,,,hope this helps
  4. Oh, that's not too bad.

    Why whould I times it by 30 though??
  5. 20cents a day by 30 days =about $6.00 a month 10-4
  6. at 8-9cent per kilowatt hour
  7. a light always draws more than it should a 400 watt light uses 460 watt after it gets hot the hotter it gets the more it uses a 1000 watt light uses over 1100 watt when it get hot so a 150 watt will use a little bit more than i said but not much (pennys more)good luck

  8. 66w's is ok 4 1 small plant, just remember that fluros dont penertrate the folige very well so only really gud for growing short plants. traing ur plant to grow flat along the lengh of the tube will give u a much better yeald.

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