watts per square foot?

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  1. hey, whats up guys. finishing up a 400 watt grow right now and this hobby is so fun i want to up the ante a bit. anyway, my roommates and i are thinking about getting into something a bit more serious... will 1000 watts be enough for 18 plants in a 10' X 11' (110 ft2) room? perhaps 2000 watts? any input would be very much appreciated. i remember seeing a diagram which extrapolated watts per square foot, does anybody have that? you guys are the shit and have helped me so much in my grow!

    ps. this is for sure a medical grow ;-)
  2. A 1000 covers a 5x5 area very well and about a 6x6 max, IMO.

    I run a 600w and its good for a 4x4
  3. at least 40 W per sq. foot w/ stationary lights.

    w/ a space that size, you might use two 1000Ws on a circle.
  4. You'll need four 1K lights to cover that 110 sf space adequately. 4 x 140,000 lumens = 560,000 lumens divided by 110 sf = 5090 lumens/sf. You want to be above 5000 lumens/sf. GL!
  5. With a space that size, with no light movers you're gonna have to run 4 lights to get the coverage u want for premium growth. U could probly get away with 4 600watters, but with the money you're gonna spend on electricity and lights, u might wanna look into gettin light movers. U could use 2 1000watters then and u won't faint when your electric bill comes in

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