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  1. So I'm setting up a 10×5 tent and I was going off each sq ft. You would want 25 watts so I did 10×5 = 50ft.sq. and then 50×25= 1,250 watts. So technically speaking would I be okay with a minimum of two 600 watt HPS lights? One on each side. I was also looking at 1000w HPS lights. Because I'm also trying to figure LED but I feel like the efficiency equivalent doesn't match up in reality. Any thoughts I would highly appreciate the help I already spent a lot of money on this setup and I wanna make sure I finalize it correctly.
  2. ok perfect question for me the 1000w hps are not as efficient and they put off a lot more heat my space is roughly 6 x 8 and i run 2 x 600 watt hps but LED costs more and does not produce the big buds IMO unless maybe you buy one that cost 1,000 or more but you can get 2 Ipower or something like thatwith the mh veg lamps included for like 150 per fixture off amazon How many plants do you plan on growing in that space? 3 fixtures 2 foot apart would be better
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  4. Okay cool yeah I was looking at that brand last night on Amazon. My plan was to do two hydroponic 8 bucket systems for a Total of 16 plants. And I agree I would love to try out led but the hard time in having is finding out how much led you would need versus how much HPS you would need. Anyone know any kind of calculation like the one I use to find HPS wattage.
  5. You want roughly 30w/sqft for LED, and 40-50w/sqft for HPS.
  6. IMHO Bad idea. HPS was ok, no longer. Not in this world. Take a look at HLG. When you compute watts, don't forget to add many in the summer to cool those hps down. No, I can't let you do that without at least saying I tried to warn you.Hps grew a lot of pot and still does if you own them. But no comparison to a Samsung 301h. Good luck, Stay cool.
  7. HPS is pretty much a no-go in the summer, especially if you live in a warmer climate. For me, there is already 4 feet of snow on the ground and I really only like to do one grow a year so HPS/CMH is still great for me, all that extra heat just barely keeps the grow area warm enough. LED would not be practical for me because I would have to run a bunch of extra heat to get the grow area warm enough.

    I realize this answer is clear as mud and doesnt really answer anything, just pointing out that there are many many factors when you are picking out a light. Your best bet honestly might be a combination of HPS/CMH and LED.

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