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  1. I've got two 140mm computer case fans 2 watts each that I would like to be able to use just 1 power supply with them. The power supply has a molex connector & I have a Y molex adapter to split to each fan. Here is the output for the power adapter.

    Output: 12.0V-2.0A, 5.0V(5.5V)-2.0A

    Would just using this one power source be perfectly fine for the 2 fans ?
  2. No problem, it will work fine. But here is something you need to think about and that is repetition. Back up for back up is the name of the game. I am using Rump's Deep Water Bucket System and I have two of everything running to my buckets. I have two air stones in each bucket fed from two independent different air bubblers, They are also on two separate wall outlets in case one fails, the other is still bubbling. Think of it this way, if you needed two fans, make sure each is independent of the other in case one burns out. Just my two cents worth but I have not been know to be too stable and everything I write is a figment of my imagination and no one will hire me because they think I might go off and shoot everyone like I did on my last job. So I sit around counting images on the wall and listening to voices...oops, there they go again, I must go.

  3. I follow you. Thanks, I will have backup fans & power supplies on hand for if & when they would be needed. I'm aiming to make this grow box as clean as possible with the least amount of power sources. I'd like to get away with just 3 power plugs. 1 for my 250watt cfl reflector, 1 for my oscillating fan & the last one for the 2 exhaust fans. it's going to be a stealth grow in a wardrobe closet that will blend with furniture in my bedroom. I have a small grow tent but I find it to be an eyesore for myself in the bedroom plus I like working with solid materials. The sound of the zipper on the tent opening & closing & hearing chains rattling every time I touch it tells me it's time to get something more my likings.

    Thank you again. Peace

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