watsup for friday

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 20, 2006.

  1. i personally got a blunt of some KB rolled up, which is a nice change from jus smokin mids, n i plan to hit up a college party n drink some 40's to keep it gangsta haha, then i'll jus smoke the nug blunt wit my boy n maybe some chic if i can find a good one haha

    ohh yea i'ma fuck someone up at this party to haha, i'm rollin up a blunt of schwagg and somewhere in this blunt theres gonna be a "suprise", i'm gonna give everyone a warning i'm gonna be like "warning, this is the russian roulette blunt, dont smoke it if your afraid to get really really really fucked up" n i'm sure some people will still be like "i can do whatever" n whoever gets the little "suprise" is gonna be on the ground within 30 seconds, nothin like a fat 5mg smoked hit of dmt unexpectedly to do the trick ay?

    haha so what do you got planned for tonight
  2. brilliant with the dmt.

    my sister stole my phone this morning while i was sleepin'. so my ride out tonight is long gone. fucking whore. i can't get a hold of anybody without my phone, so i can't even get herb. if i get my phone anytime soon i'll get some mushrooms tonight and trip alone...everybody's out in bumble fuck and i can't get out 'cause my whore sister...:mad:
  3. way to ruin a joint. have you no manners?
  4. whats wrong with 5 mg of dmt in it...that would be funny..
  5. Sounds interesting.

    My night isn't shaping up too well.. the guy I normally get bud from just has some horrible shwag so thats no good and I haven't gotten ahold of anyone else yet. Girl I'm going out with had to delay it by 2 hours so I lost some valuable time there... and the guy that I was going to go get drunk and stoned with's friend's brother just got shot. So right now... I'm waiting for her to call me and cheer me up.:eek:
  6. i'm on grasscity at 8 o'clock...nuff said.

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