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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by flareitup, May 2, 2006.

  1. some friends told me about yall so i posted my bowl with some dank i got today in it. my friends got the buds so ill get a pic tomorrow :) nice meetin all of yall.

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  2. im likin the colors on the bowl, and WELCOME to the city, everyone here is awesome haha

    be careful though, DBW doesnt play fair lol
  3. Welcome to the city...... Nice bowl....see ya round the city bro....
  4. whatdup dude thats a nice piece you got there

    the colors match good with like weed lol

    its like a pipe thats meant to have a bowl packed in it 24/7
  5. Always nice to have a member to the city. Love your bowl man neat little thing looks like you could just pop it into your pocket not bad bro.
  6. Welcome, stoner brother! Have fun here!

    lol, ya got a baby pipe.

    Too blurry to see if that weed is some kill or not, but it looks like something that'll get ya high.
  7. Welcome to the city and thats a bad ass piece.
  8. Welcome to the city man! Im not sure cause the pic is blurry, but its pretty light green!

    Toke it easy:smoke:
  9. yea.. camers blurry ill try to get a bud pic if i can :) tonight or tomorrow ^_^ thanks for the happy welcome ;)
  10. Welcome to the City! :wave:
  11. i tried to add 4 of those userbar things? they showed up in preview but they dont come up? on here?

    edit :cant blame this one on being high >.< im just a dumbass
  12. Nice bowl and nice looking bud in it.

    Welcome to the City. :D
  13. sup man..umm yea man i see the bars so they work yo...nice glass
  14. where is DBW anyway?
  15. dirty bong water
  16. probably living her life ;)
  17. Real purdy piece of glass. Nice
  18. sup , welcome to the great forums. where everybody here is in lala land hahaha, at least i am :)

  19. welcome to the city! :wave:

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