Wats up fellow blazers?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SoCalStoner25, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Whats up guys I've been smoking for the last 9 years so not a new toker, but this site seemed pretty cool so thought I'd join.
  2. same with me i've been token for i'd say 3years and 1year religously in the morning at lunch and around 6 in the evening i've smoke out anything that a few innovative stoners kan do lol i thoguth it was pretty chill and joined lol
  3. this is indeed a great place. welcome. where you at in socal? if you dont mind.
  4. i think we've all made those innovative stoner pipes/bongs lol....i'm from the Inland Empire, Upland to be exact
  5. yeah dude..
    i cant remember how long me and mary jane been bangin'..
    but yeah this sites pretty legit..
    haha i'm from bumb fuck north dakota..
  6. my brother in law started me blazing years ago...the first bong i ever toked out of was a piece that his mom got at a fair in 1974, bad ass little ceramic one...fucking hits better than my $400 double bubbler I bought in Venice
  7. you lucky to live in cali. Its the weed haven of the US.
  8. yea i love living in cali....got my med card and i'm set to enjoy my harvest and not have to worry bout it gettin taken away...plus IDEAL growing weather
  9. some day i'll move there, if these shitty laws don't change soon. I'm giving this president another term if he gets reelected.
  10. yo ppl... I just found this website, I always wanted to share my high times experiences. This is a good way I guess... I've been smokin for a year.. thats all... but smokin a few times a day... i cant afford it anymore ... lol... ummm...

    Oh, one thing that I'm looking for is new smokin buddies... cuz we have this big crew that we always smoke together, but they dont smoke as much as me, and I'm always mad cuz im not high yet, and theyr blazin... and my smokin buddy, who I smoked with like everyday now got a best friend (girls, ur weird) , sooo I'm a lonley stoner for now.. hah... LOOKING FOR A SMOKIN BUDDY : ( ...


  11. I like it...plus SOOO much dankness out here,but got tired of buying it so thought I'd grow my own:smoking:
  12. u call it darkness... different regions use different vocabs. its cool... like wen dealers not arund, u call it dark?


    ye i grew two plants but i had to get rid of them.. : (

    i miss them.. i didnt even take a picture.. i just have one leaf in my notebook : (...

    whats your plants names?

    i named one mary and the other one virgin megan
  13. i got cindy,maggie, and crystal....dunno how i came up with random names but go figure...where u from?
  14. chicago suburbs... its much easier to get it down in the city... its like everywhere.. but out the city people are twikky...

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