wats up everyone

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by blackchicken, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. wats up guys and girls of GC its good to find a place like this where we can talk without oppression and all that but yea im from the Amarillo TX region i been smokin for about two years but had to stop for two so really its only like 1 now lol i been buildin a tolerance man its fuckin good i used to pass the fuck out after takin a few hits now i get drunk and baked with my buds but yea just pm if u wanna talk or nething but like before its good to find this place
  2. Welcome to the city bro! :wave:
  3. dude this site is pretty sick cuz normally forums are empty
  4. Yea man, Theres always somthing to look at on here. My favorite threads have to be grow journals > Grow Journals - Grasscity.com Forums and anything in the Toking Tools and Stash Box threads. This place is pretty stoner friendly :hello: Happy toking! :smoke:
  5. thx man im gona be tokin it tonite lol i got paid imma get an 1/8 and imma have some fun
  6. Yea man, you should post some pics of your pick up in the stash jar section of the forums. Always fun to share you're recent pick-ups :smoke:
  7. yea if i can find a camera dude cuz i dont have one man lol but if i can i will
  8. Yea, Ive got a shitty camera. I always just use my phone. The quality of the picture is usually better than my actual camera, lol :yay:
  9. i might have to try that if my phone decides to work

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