wats the best indica? Sativa? mix?

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  1. hey so im getting an aparttment next year and wanna start growing. I live in the US so i have to order off of drcronic.com. anyways i want to have 3 strains of plants. all grown indoor. Wat is the best 100% sativa strain? 100% indica strain? and wats the best mix? for mix i was thinking big bud.

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    I know there's gonna be someone who disagrees, but one of the best indicas is the hindu kush from highgrade-seeds.com. Although i'm not certain it's actually %100 indica... If not it's pretty damn close.

    As for sativas, I've always enjoyed any of the haze's. And mix I can't say for sure. There's just too many great strains out there.

  3. Indica is better to grow and to smoke in my opinion. It grows and flowers faster, and stays smaller and more compact. Also the high of indica is a deep therapeudic body stone, so relaxing and deep as fuck.

    Hard to drive after smoking indica, because its like opium. Hindu kush is the best Indica to grow, I agree with the guy above. Very cheap too.

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