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watermelon's and gars

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hydro_dank_man, May 2, 2006.

  1. ok i decided to make one more poll once again ok i dont know about yall but in Southeast georgia we just got watermelon white owls im not sure if these are new or just new to my area but there really fucking good by far my favorite cigar to roll one with well anyway heres my question what is your favorite brand cigar or do you like them at all?

    thanks in advance for responses and remmeber toke responsibly
  2. i do not roll many blunts b/c I am not good at it, I try every once in a while to see if I am getting better but I never do. I love to roll joints, But i really like to smoke the bong. JOE>
  3. i like rolling with dutches.
  4. AUG gots em
  5. they all have their own time when needed..

    example - lotta people .. lotta weed .. = dutch..

    a few kids = little bit of weed = white owl

    just u maybe 1 more .. any amount of weed .. philly
  6. i enjoy pinapple and peach white owls the most but i have also had green apple owls.
  7. vanilla dutch
  8. ^^^NY knows the deal^^^
  9. period.

    Garcia vegas are awesome too
  10. Man Fuck Phillies, I'm a Swisha man!

    blunts, i must admit are the best for a rotation, and their good for personals, and everything else!

  11. \

    are they really? i tried them once i think it was the white owl ones .. the ones in silver and it SUCKED .. so i never trid the dutch one.. ill pick one up today perhaps..

    honey ftw tho .. its so sick tastin and slow burnin cracklin all the way down .. fuckin u cant beat honey
  12. i like swishas but you forgot something i love, blunt wraps, and that would have been my preference, and even more in detail it would have been ROYAL BLUNTS

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