watermellon bomb, whats that?

Discussion in 'General' started by kbubb91, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. i went to a smoke shop and i was there to buy more screens for my pipe, then as im checking out they had this stuff called BOMB. it was labeled relaxation. so me being dry and needed something to relax me i bought it. however it is labeled, contains no JWH or CP. so im like what the heck did i just buy?

    its still in its package and i didnt use it yet. so i thought id let GC tell me what it is if they know.
    i just dont know what it is, and im afraid to use it.
  2. Usually my advice is to trust your gut
  3. If it says relax it probably contains melatonin. Those drinks/snacks are getting more and more popular
  4. It may not contain JWH-xxx or CP xx,xxx... but it certainly can contain WIN xx xxx or AM-xxxx
  5. i took one hit, its ok, i got a buzz going but its not the same as with weed, more like a headache
  6. you cant talk about this btw, it falls under the "you cant talka bout other drugs" rule

    my advice would be to save your money for real weed, it feels better and is less dangerous.
  7. whats WIN and AM never heard of them,
  8. i couldnt find a dealer who wasnt selling 20/g and its not a legal high its a relaxing agent.

  9. Pretty sure all of those herb mixes in the headshop's are synthetics. Every last one.
  10. its got lilly leaves in it.

  11. The fuck?
  12. yeah there is no ingredients, so i have no clue what im smoking, nor do i know what this will do to me driving, have to go somewhere in 50 minutes.
  13. its a one hitter though, take 1 hit, wait 5 minutes and you got your buzz

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