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waterless grav?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by flip-flop, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. today while me and my friends were smoking, we were all sharing a joint, one of them said he wanted to use his waterless grav. its basically a water bottle with a hole in the bottom and a socket in the cap for the herb. you light the herb and inhale through the bottom. i told hi m that it was a essentially a big plastic pipe. he said it is great for conserving cause you get stoned from tiny amounts of weed. To use it, you're supposed to take the whole bowl in one hit. I did after we finished the joint and it easily took me from a 6 to an 8. I was extremely skeptical of this device at first because i thought why not just use a glass pipe, right? but after i hit it i understood. it gets you high as hell off of tiny amounts. my question is if it could still be considered a grav, because it doesnt seem like one to me.
  2. It is just a plastic pipe

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  3. Sounds like a steamroller
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  4. It is called a waterfall, I used to use these with my buddies back in the day and they definitely could get you pretty ripped off a few hits, we got a glass bowl for ours instead of the socket but it is a little different than a "plastic pipe" because the water falling out the bottom is causing the weed to burn and all the smoke to be pulled in a bottle.

    We had another one for when water wasn't an option called a "lung" where you essentially take a plastic bag, tape it around a 2 liter with the bottom 1/3rd cut off, stuff the bag in the bottle, light than slowly pull the bag out and it essentially does the same thing.

    Although I am now very happy to just smoke out of glass/vapes and occasional joints

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