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  1. How often do outdoor grows need watering? How many inches of rain per week should it have?

    My outdoor grow is in an area not close to my apartment, so I need to know how ofter I will have to water it. I know it depends on rainfall also. I don't know how often I'll be able to get up there...one a week at the least but with work on the weekdays and whatnot..i'm not sure if I'll be able to get up there much more than that
  2. You should be fine with once a week. I mean... twice a week maybe, but once should be enough.
  3. it depends on the climate not just rainfall but i cant help you there as i dont know the climate in pennsylvania
  4. Climate is usually 75 - 85 degrees in the summer.

    I don't want anybody to think I'm going into this grow not knowing what the hell I'm doing. A friend of mine is actually the one who did most research and is pretty much in charge of it, I'm just trying to get caught up so I know some 'basics'.

  5. If you worked your soil before planting, your roots should sink to a moist level by the time it gets hot and dry. If your plants have to be hand watered your messing up.

  6. Thanks, well we plan on mixing up a soil recipe, i'm not sure of the exact ingredients right now though, he has the list. It is suppost be a good mix, and sprouting in peat pods.
  7. everyone missed the more important point .....Size of the plant.......this will indicate watering needs....big plants more water......just buy a tuferware container 120 llters or biger and let it collect water until later in the Veg cycle when you need it.....also buy some water cyrstals or water polyomers (whatever there called in your area).....they expand and retain water like 100 to 400 times there size....very effective .....last pc of advice .....get lots of leaves and cover the soil with this ...this is also very effective:smoking:
  8. That would work well if it rains in summer in your climate. Can´t do that here.

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