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  1. Whats the average water to feed your plants? Mine are around 1ft tall. Should i be giving them a cup of water every 3 days? or like a cup every day or once a week?...Any guide would help, I go by how wet the soil is right now, and i feel like i may be overwatering because some of my leaves are yellowing and maybe chlorosis? I only give them a doubleshot of water about every one to two days.
  2. stick your finger into the soil about 2 inches if its wet, don't water. Wait till it dries out a bit.
  3. You need to have the water come out of your pots. Roughly 1/3 of your amount should drain out of the bottom. If your only doing a cup then your just watering the surface of the soil. I am watering my 8" tall plants about 3/4 of a gallon every other day and they are liking it.
  4. So many different factors - my biggest girl at the moment is taking 3 gallons of water a day.
  5. There is no set amount, depends on too many factors: plant's needs, type of soil and amendments, amount of soil/root volume, ratio of soil's surface area to volume, RH, air circulation, even ferts.

    Forget about cups, gallons, etc. Water your plant thoroughly when you water, until you get runoff out the bottom. Don't dump the water in all at once or it could run down the sides between the pot and the soil and out the bottom, giving you a false indication. you want to thoroughly wet the soil all the way down to the bottom. Then, don't water at all until the soil has dried out a bit, which you can test several ways but the old "poke a finger an inch down" method works well and is pretty foolproof.

    Remember that over-watering occurs not from giving too much water at once, it occurs from watering too frequently.

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