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  1. hey ppl i just started growing and my seeds have just sprouted out of the soil,i soaked the soil in water and let it drain before planting my seeds like 4 days ago.When should i water them next?
  2. water every few days when the soil drys out... i water mine every 2 days but there in small pots right now
  3. Yep, just keep them moist. Make sure not to overwater them, they are very susceptible to overwatering at that age.
  4. Yes, don't leave them wet, let them dry out a little. So I'd say every 2/3 days of watering when 1st cm of dirt is dry. Then gently add a little more water to moisten.
  5. How much water? Depends on a whole load of things, size of your pot (if applicable), your local temps and humidity. I find if I don´t water every 24 my plants are wilting by 36 - but I grow outdoors in fierce sun and high temperatures.
  6. Look at your plants physical condition and examine the medium by sticking your finger in it. This should help.

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