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  1. I use 3-5 Gal pots with lots of holes in the bottoms.
    When I water. If I can get rain water I use that.
    If not I use filtered Reverse OZ water.

    BUT when I water, I water alot!
    I will give about 1/2 gallon to the plant and make sure the water flows out the bottom, then after 15 minutes I'll give em another quart or so.

    I water like this when 2 - 3 inches deep of the tops soil goes dry.

    Sometimes it turns out I am watering 2-3 days apart. Depends of the size of the plant, I let mine get 4-6 foot tall.
    Although I must say the 4 footers output is about the same as the 6 footers due to light restrictions.

    I know the planst don't like wet feet, so I have plenty of ventilation and have my plants at 75-80 degrees.

    In a 6 x 8 area I have 800 watt HPS. This tends to lower Humidity

    I wet the flooring of my planting area to increase Humidity at times when the leafs tell me they want it...grin
    One time I have a family of no see ems living in the grow. Didn't seem to bother the plants at all.
    They would play the game of how close can i get to the lights before I am toasted.

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