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  1. I've been using the finger inch in way, to decide when to water my plant, but if i stick it an inch in, its little dry, but if I put the whole finger, i can feel humidity on the soil, should I water or not?

  2. Is your plant telling you it's thirsty? How old? How big of a pot? How many days since your last watering.
  3. I find the weight test to be the most effective for me. Pick it up when it is really dry and remember how "light" it is, then water it good and pick it up remember how "heavy" it is. Then whenever it feels close to the same "light" water it again.

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    This works....for a little while....until they become monsters and start growing feverishly, then that lifting trick goes out the door! I remember weighing mine "dry" when I first transplanted them into 5 gallon pots, it aided in watering because I would stick them each on a scale and compare to their recorded dry weight. I've had zero overwatering issues, and it's because this "feel" test plus the 'finger an inch in the soil' to see if it's dry also gives you an idea.
  5. mines in 35 litre pots and 1 is 6 feet tall, and I stick my finger in as far as I can(and I have long fingers). if it feels slightly damp I wait another day
    I did lift pots when they was only in 15 litre, I cant even lift the pot now (got a muscle wasting problem) :/
  6. Using fabric pots makes it a bit easier cuz you can feel the saturation through the pot. It will start sucking up water more in the later stages of flower. The weight method is OK but my senses are screwed so even though I can lift it, I can't depend on my feeling of things to give me an accurate reading of how long til it needs water. I started using coco because it can't really be over watered, just overfed.

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