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  1. Hi, Just a couple of stupid questions.

    When watering, should i water from above or should i water below in the dishes?

    At how many weeks should i start flowering?

    What is the optimum grow temp?

    Thankyou to anyone who answers.
  2. I don't know about the watering question..also have wondered myslef, but they say between 66 and 77 degrees Faremheit is a good temp. Also for flowering the time depends on how fast your plants grow and how big you want it to end up. Go by plant size. They say to flower it after it hits like 8 inches or so and not before. Any larger is up to you..the longer you wait before flowering, the bigger the plant will be in the end. If you are working with limited space, I would suggest flowering when your plant hits like 8 inches or so.

  3. I have heard you can flower when you have 7 fully developed sets of fan leaves..

    Please correct me if im wrong anyone.

    Smoke on friends
  4. I always water my plants from above - until the roots are well formed they won't reach far down, so most of the water won't get to where it is needed.

    When I water from above, I cover the tops of the pots to prevent algae forming on the top, try using 2 sheets of paper, cut a slot in each and then slide them across so you're left with the plant sticking up through the middle...


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