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  1. Hey all,

    I have a nice bush growing in a 5 gal, w/ an air base in the bottom ( http://www.directroot.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=3&cat=Pot+Drainage+Inserts ) . Vegging for just about 6 weeks under 200w of 6500k CFLs

    Shes about 15" across and 14" tall...really bushy and packed tight. Growing in Ocean Forest with about 25% perlite.

    I last watered 4 days ago, so about do again for watering ( last night started to wilt so waited till tonight to water. I could tell it should be do for a watering, pot getting light and wilt starting. However, the top soil didnt feel as dried out as usual (although the plant is really bushy all the way dow to soiland can trap a bit of moisture). The bucket was clearly lighter than my others.

    So I am in the process of watering. I have given her 1/2 gallon, with garden sprayer, and no runoff.

    Should I water her more till I get runoff?

    How much do any of you usually give when watering a 5 gal?
  2. IMO i would surely water till you get run off.
  3. when you water, just use about a gallon of water, with the ocean forest and perlite, it should drain out any excess right out the bottom. the pot itself has drainage holes in the bottom right?
  4. Yes. Since I used the airbase I drilled a ton of holes in the bottom, and around the bottom sides, to keep good airflow under her.
  5. Thanks for the input guys...

    I ended up giving her a gallon, w/ nutes ( Big Bloom / Grow Big / MagiCal). She really soaked it up and sprung back with a ton of new growth the last 2 days.

  6. I use 5 gal of water every 3 days for 3 plants all in 5 gal pots and shoot for 30% runoff every watering.

    Feeding once a week with pure pH-ed water and super thrive inbetween in veg (1ml/cc per gal)

    ST in every time any water or food is added.

    Dont let it wilt ever.

    Allow 30% runoff every time you feed or water to prevent salt buildup.

    Your only problem is you need to water every 3rd day ATM,this is going to be even sooner as the plant gets bigger so expect it and dont let it ever wilt.;)
  7. thanks man

    I'm just concerned because it still feels a little heavy and the top soil is still damp.

    I'm hoping cutting that top 2" off my 5gal will let more air under the plant and help with that.

    All the signs were/are saying dont water yet.... but the wilt says otherwise
  8. Your choice of medium will never have any problems with soil airation.;)

    Just regular pots are way fine with FFOF/perlite.:D
  9. get a moisture meter from walmart for like 5 bucks......
  10. Just lifting your pots when just watered and when they need water is a very easy and accurate way to KNOW when any plant needs watering,once a pattern has formed it will only slowly change as the plant gets bigger and consumes more water.

    A wilting plant which needs water is a plant which is stressed,it has only happened to me once ever at the beginning of my growing and never since using this method.

    Its called the "lift method" and should be found on google.;)
  11. yep that works also once you get the hang of it............

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