Watering with ph5,5-6,5 - runoff water ABOVE ph8

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    High everyone!
    I'ts my first grow and of course not everything is going as planned.I started feeding too late and i've been struggling with nitrogen defficiency for a long time.I'm growing 3 Special Queens and 1 Bubble Kush from Royal Queen Seeds.I water every 4-5 days with ph5,5-6,5 and i feed Advanced Nutrients Grow/Micro/Bloom on every other watering.I keep feeding them but i notice that they don't recover the way the are supposed to...Im growing them in perlite/coco/soil mix with 400w HPS, vegged them 50 days and i switched them to 12/12 on 25th last month,so they are about 20 days into flower.Today was feeding day so i decided to check the ph on he runoff water and HOLLY SHIT,no wonder the nitrogen defficiency stays,the runoff was about 8-8,5ph.I think they have nutrient lockout and thats why the plant can't absorb the nutes.Also i decided to lollypop them today and noticed a couple of leafs are yellowish,they are no even close to the forming buds,more like the bottom of the plants where they can't get any light.I think it's a cal/mag defficiency so i ordered Cal-Mag Xtra but it will take a couple of days untill it gets here.My phone has shitty camera and i can't take photos of the whole plants because of the HPS and i can't take photos on natural light because of the SCROG net,so i posted a photo of some of the leafs i cut today.
    Any help will be appreciated,i know every one in this forum loves their girls and i don't want anything to happen to them!

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  2. nitrogen deficiency causes the yellowing. the mottling and necrotic look is from pottasium deficiency. either way the fix is the same ...flush with 1/4 strength nutes. until the runoff ph is correct. then wait a week ...make sure it's stops and new growth becomes green ..forget the damaged leaves they won't come back...once you know it's fixed ...remove the damaged leaves.and slowly over the course of 7 days bring the ec level back to normal 1.5 to 1.8 for flowering depending on strain and conditions.

    good luck


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  3. do post pics of the plant in normal lighting as well ...THIS could change the diagnosis. significantly.

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  4. Thank you! I decided to buy a cal/mg nutrients and ill give it on the next feed.
    I fed them today,how long i have to wait to flush them,on the next watering when the soil dries or i can do it sooner?I always watered the with ph corected water,why i have this problem now?
  5. the ph of the water going in is HALF as important as the runoff ph, as this indicates the rootzone ph. as in your case the ph is off at the runoff. so flush now until that's correct with 1/4 strength nutes. that acts like a feeding and a corrective solution...then wait for it to catch up...then think about what your gonna give it next ...always keeping the run off ph in range ...always well as the ec level.


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  6. Flush now with water ph to 5.5 and check runoff, repeat until your runoff is aroumd 6-6.2 even if it takes 10 gallons of water.
  7. This is gonna take a lot longer than expected...took over 2 gal to get the runoff pH to about 7...
    My water suplies are over ,so im gonna have to do the rest tomorrow :D
  8. I flushed all 4 plants till runoff was about 6,5 with 1/4 nutes.Took me about 5 hours and a totall of over 15 gallons of water.
    Special thanks to my incredible mother who helped me move the SCROG net from my foom to the bathroom !!!!! :D
  9. I was feeding them once with water and the next time feeding with grow/micro/bloom should i continue with this schedule or should i feed them more/less often?
  10. in soil i do water 3 times and full strength the 4th then repeat. that ..once you get the plant feeding where you want it make sure it's on track though..post pics so we can compare where it was and where it is..


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  11. Thank you for the information!
    In future how do i manage to keep the runoff pH in range,just check it on every watering and if it's not correct just up/down the pH level when watering untill i get it right?
  12. that's the idea Dude. If the runoff is 5.0 and you need 6.0, pouring 7.0 going In should land you at 6. balance it out do wtf you have to do to get the runoff in range WITH correct ec level for the stage and size of plant. your in soil so it's 6.5.to 7.2 .good luck


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