"Watering" with or without full strength nutes?

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  1. I understand that coco plants need to be watered everyday. What I cant find the answer to is; should you always be using your full-strength array of nutes? Ive read that it can be a nute, nute, water or vice versa but I guess what my question is, is what nutes go in the plain water? Its my understanding that with coco plain water is not recommended and vice versa, constant full strength nutes aren't good wither.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Any proper nutrient company should refine out residual salts, pre pure solutions and not have 30 bottles just to make more profit. Your company should be telling you how all that's bullshit. I even use co2 enriched monofloral honey to speed up root development which will result in quicker harvest. Shorten those times down even more look up phocloyne exchange and far red spectrum. Basically putting you plants to sleep much quicker and making them alert right when lights turn on.
  3. Wrong Thread
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  4. Basically I explained if the company cares about their product you should be able to feed full strength no problems but not the case usually
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  5. I start at 180ppm of your base nutrients for seedlings and go up to 600ppm for full grown plants if needed. Not many of mine have needed more than that. That's usually feeding twice a day in flower once in veg.
    Always feed your coco. Plain water will strip the buffer your coco should have.
  6. Thanks, it sounded very technical, this is my first grow... 6 plants. Trying to keep it simple, but it keeps getting complicated. Im sticking with it thought and trying to do it right. Im using General Hydroponics products.
  7. Lol my bad bro. Dude I live in Humboldt county and when I start listing chemical compounds and stuff I lose them.
  8. I don't think I have ever fed full strength. I use MaxiBloom, and 1 tsp. is considered full strength......last grow I only had to use 1/3 tsp. Because of the frequent feedings in coco, full strength is usually not necessary for good plant growth. You definitely shouldn't use plain water.......make sure you feed to run off......and never let it dry out.
    Which GH nutes are you using?
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  9. Everything listed here

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    with coco you may water daily but feed(nute) 2-3 times per week...other wize its burn time
    (imo- Follow the label, with extreme caution)
    good luck
  11. That's a good feeding schedule to follow.
    I don't use all those additives and sm-90 isn't available anymore.......I believe Nutrilife now makes a replacement called, Super Moist.
    I use the silica, but because I use tap water, calmag isn't necessary.
    I tried the KoolBloom, both liquid and dry, and I found it didn't make much of a difference.
  12. I have to disagree vostok. I feed daily during veg and twice a day in flower and I have never burned a leaf.
    The key is to feed weak nutes regularly. I use MaxiBloom, and full strength is 1 tsp........last grow the strongest I ever used was 1/3 tsp.
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  13. I stand corrected
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  14. Im admittedly a noob, but when you say you use maxi bloom is that the company or the only nute you use? Im mixing like 6-8 nutes a day handwatering...its ok for now, but when work picks up its going to be tough. Im thinking of an auto watering system will be in order.
  15. The Maxi Series, MaxiGrow and MaxiBloom are stand alone nutes made by GC. I don't use the grow......just the MaxiBloom from start to finish. It's inexpensive......$17 for a 2.2lb. bag and it lasts an entire grow.

    GC makes 3 good products for cannabis......3 part Flora Series, Maxi Series, and FloraNova series. I've used all three with good results, but I prefer MaxiBloom. The only other thing I add is Armor Si Silica.
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