Watering With Fish Water?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by noobslice, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. I've watered our other house plants for along time with our fish tank water and they've always done fine. Would it be ok to water my mj plants and the organic soil as well? Just not sure cuz I know the fish water isgonna have a lot of nitrogen in there, mostly in the form of nitrate.

  2. Yo slice!  just had ta say that.
    Anyway........I removed a pond system that had several fish in it for a few years in my back yard .  I used the water for my outdoor garden
    and experienced no side effects. I never used any chemicals in my pond, only a barley clarifier.
    Your houseplants have thrived and flourished on the water so no reason that any other plant shouldn't as well.
  3. I would only guess that all the beneficial nitrates in the water can be broken down and used beneficially.  I wouldn't see why not.
  4. Ya "they" do it all the time and call it aquaponics.

  5. Ok that's what I was thinking, my only concern was that by supplying the plant with extra nitrogen thru the fish water it could reduce the amount of exudates the roots produce to attract the beneficial microbes. I read in the book teaming with microbes, that part of the reason that the microbes don't thrive in synthetically fertilized soil is that once you start supplementing with extra nitrogen the plant will stop attracting and feeding the microbes to the rhizosphere.
    I guess I can just expirement and water a couple plants with the fish water and see what happens.
  6. Anyone know if composted fish and squid any good for them or will it have any adverse effects?
  7. Just the smell...

    All organic matter - fish and squid included, should be composted prior to use.

    Yet another reason for a compost pile. Or two compost piles...

  8. If it was a synthetic for of nitrogen I would agree with your point. But adding an organic form of nitrogen should attract more microbes if anything. I'd imagine the microbes would enjoy (benefit from) the added diversity and organic matter in the water left from the fish. Think of it like fish manure. Microbes love manure.
  9. Ok that makes sense, will use the fish water from now on. One other thing I just thought about is that I use a dechlorinator called prime that chemically neutralizes ammonia, chlorine, and chloramine. It sits in the fish tank for at least a week before it would go into the soil. Anyone think that may be an issue?

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