watering w/ water bottle n some other ?'s

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  1. i heard that it was better to water with a water bottle, because it sprays in a mist, and gets all parts of the plant, all the leaves and such. makes logical sense to me, should i do it everytime?

    also i have been watering about every 4-5 days after the soil feels dry, if it is moist at all i don't water at all. sound like a good plan.
  2. Better than what? Can't evaluate if using a bottle is 'better' unless I know what you are comparing it to.

    Are you talking about bottled water or filling a bottle with tap water and then using that to pour?

    Your watering cycle of waiting until the soil feels dry is right, make sure you poke your finger into the soil to feel if it is dry down an inch or more. Every 4-5 days would be about right.
  3. Do NOT spray the plants with water. It does not do anything. A plant drinks from its roots not its leaves. This is however not the case for rooting clones. Those need to be sprayed to drink. If your plant has a disease, pest or nutrient deficiency, then you can spray. Otherwise, do not spray the plant to water it.
  4. yea watering from a water bottle because it sprays a mist doesnt make sense to me.
    you can water from whatever you feel like, just make sure it is good water.

    as far as how much u should water, i use this method
    water really good (till water drains out of the bottom real good) then leave the plant unitl it dries up. Once it dries up leave it for a day, then water again the same way.
  5. i still pour water i have let set out for a couple of days in the soil so it gets the roots. then i mist the water on from the spray bottle. my plants are clones. like 2 weeks into be planted. heres a pic, anyone tell me y the tips r yellow? just the verry tips of em?

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  6. just some slight nute burn it looks like... nothin to be worried about until more of the leaves turn yellow... looks like its the soil but it will pull through :)
  7. i have not added any nutes. and i believe the soil does not have anything in it. is that right? but glad u think it will b cool.
  8. Whatever you do just make sure you do not accidently spray one of your bulbs for they may very well explode!!!
  9. It is scientific fact that marijuana feeds foilarly (through leaves). I've used diluted (1/8 strength of solution) nute mixes in a spray bottle to recover faster from nute disorders. Also plain water is fine to clean your leaves of dust to allow more pores to recieve CO2 and other molecules that your plant uses.

  10. Like I said above, spray only when there is pests, a deficiency or rooting clones. During normal growth the plant does not need to be sprayed and time and time again I see people spray when they don't need to and then have big problems. Also, I never keep a plant long enough for it to collect dust. I don't fart around with it; I get it big enough to flower, flower it, cut it, dry it and smoke it long before dust has a chance to accumulate on it.

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