Watering regimen of coco noir/perlite base, 12/12 from seed

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    After lurking a lot, I decided to create a small growbox for a 12/12 from seed grow. I figured it will be easier for me to find what I need for the coco substract than creating my own soil mix and letting it compost for a month.

    I felt that a by-hand fertirrigation with pH and ppm control will be easier. But alas, only experience will tell, since I have none.

    I plan on using 2L pots for a single plant, but this may change.

    Anyway, my concern here is this. Once a month, I spend 3 days out of town. Which means I won't be able to take care of my babies. No water and nutes. Is this enough for a < 2ft tall plant to dry itself to death or will I be able to surpass this? Even in flowering times? Or should I just use soil, since it can go up to 4 days without watering? Will a small areation ammendment fix this? (80/20 coco/perlite)

    EDIT: Will a hempy bucket fix my problem? That is, creating a small reservoir for the nutes at the bottom (passive hydroponics)
  2. I use coco, and I sometimes don't go into the closet for a few days at a time. For us, the trick is bottom-feeding in a large tub, with the plants in pots in the tub. Coco has the incredible ability to wick water upward throughout the coco, when the pot is sitting in some water. This only works with solid pots, due to negative air pressure in the rootmass as moisture evaporates and is taken up by the plant.
  3. I researched some more and I will be creating a small reservoir in the 2L pots, hempy style, instead of drilling the bottom of the pots and doing a hand watered run to waste system. Is this a good idea?
  4. [SUB]i only water atm twice a week a lot of people on here overreact about coir, yes it drains super easy but when the roots are dry and have a heap of oxygen they'll go searching for a day or 2 before they decide to wilt[/SUB]

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