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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jay42K, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Hi im a first time grower and its not going to bad at the moment but a question i fealt i should ask before i continue watering the way i have been.

    Ive been watering once a week but every now and then ill spray a watery mist over the leaves of all three plants to keep the leaves hydrated i guess but then i asked myself if i might be doing more harm then good to them?

    Please if im hurten the potency or growth of the plant let me know to stop, or the pros and cons of what im doing thank you very much.

  2. Hi Tash :)

    I mist my plant too, doesn't seem to have done any harm at all so far. I heard that misting prolly isn't a good idea when it's flowering because of mold issues. But I'm a fair way from that stage yet, my first grow also.
  3. Never misted mine, the leaves get water through internal osmosis. In the summer heat all of my girls take 6 litres of water a day each.
  4. Thanks ill limit my misting, i just figured it would help hydrate the plant and keep it fresh but id rather avoid any mould issues. Happy tokin.

  5. Misting could be bad in high heats and high light...

    If the leaves got too damp, like where you can see water on the outside, the sunlight could burn or bake the leaves through the water.

    My mom warned me about it.
  6. I have heard of that but never seen it happen. I think it is an old wives´ tale.
  7. It's a wives tale.
    If water acted as a magnifying lens to magnify sunlight and make it burn things we would have no plants in existance.

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