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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by brian8472, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. hi, i have a newly germinated seed in a deep 10 pound kitty litter bucket and i am constantly wantering it to insure it stays moist i find i am watering about 6 times a day because of the mechanics lightbulb an inch to the soil it drys up really fast but is nice and warm mmmm i wish i was that lil plant right now just chilling in a warm lil cubby spot
  2. no need for the light till it pops above the surface..........just keep the pot and sopil at room temp, and it'll be fine......and you won't need to water a much.............you want it moist, but not too wet.........Peace out.........Sid

    ps what kind of light bulb, is a mechanics?.........is that a fluro, cool white?
  3. its not fluro or cool its the kind of lightbulb you use for lamps and shit lol fuck me if i know what its called but its very sloppy and halfassed im surprised its not dead , my mom said it wouldnt get this far ha! proved her wrong :)
  4. it wont grow with that bulb........it'll get to about 3-4 inches if that, and fall over and die..........read the guide under my sig, it'll help you out a bit.......Peace out........Sid
  5. shit, im gonna need an hps light could i get away with a 150 watt? and what would it cost me aproximatly in canadian dollars if you know?
  6. around these parts (the US) a 150w security light costs $45 at homedepot.... im not sure what that is in canadian though...
  7. prolly about 65-70$
  8. bump, im watering about 2 -3 times a day and i use about 2.5 oz of water per session is this too much? how should i be properly watering?
  9. what size bucket is it? im thinking five gallons? 6 times a day seems a bit to much. id say just keep the top layer of the soil good n moist but not tooo wet for it could die. also if u have any fluros u can put them on your plant when it sprouts throught the soil, or untill u get an HPS.
  10. i use a spaying bottle to mist the soil, and when the top soil starts to show signs of drying out i mist it again, only the soil surrounding the seed needs to be kept moist, as fresh soil from a bag is usually quite moist allready...........Peace out........Sid

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