Watering Question.

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  1. Tony has three, 1 foot tall, clones. How often should Tony water them. He has been watering every other day. One of them looks droopy but the soil is very dry. The clones are in cut-in-half gallon jugs and have been in them since Tony got them 4 days ago. Today is a watering day but he's not sure if its needed. Please help. Lights: 24/0 6 blue cfls (156w combined) & 1 70w HPS. Plants are within 1 to 4 inches from light.
  2. what soil type and is it just straight soil?

    how well is ventilation (whats the temp and how humid is it)?

    your pots have drainage holes?

    best way for watering is depending on your pot size would be to push your finger into the soil and see how far down it takes to hit moist/wet soil. For one you size i would say a good 1-1.5 inches of actual soil and not loose top soil that is blown around.

    droopy plants can sometimes be caused from overwatering. Mostly the issue i would say.. How much do you water each time as well?
  3. He found out from another friend that he just needed to water it. Apparently it can become droopy from being under-watered too.
    I'm not sure what type of soil. The temp. has been ranging from around 78 average at night to 84 average during day. He doesn't have a humidity thing but its alright. Yeah they have drainage holes. He did the finger test and it was mad dry. I'm pretty sure he uses about a 1/4 cup of water for each clone. For ventilation he have a 4 inch inline duct fan coming out the top and a 1 in. by 3 in. hole at the bottom right of the box.

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