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  1. My bottom leaves have become very discolored as a result of heat burn I'm assuming. I'm also guessing this because my leaves have curled up very badly on the bottom. Since moving my light up ALOT the new growth has been looking very good. My newest issue is slow growth perhaps but also yellowing tips on new growth. The tips are very slightly yellowed so I wanted to flush the entire plant with regular phed water. I'm worried this may cause root rot or overwatering. I haven't watered for about a week and the plants are about 20 days old. Will I be okay to flush without overwatering? The top 2-3 inches are bone dry but below that is still fairly damp but not soaked. My pot size is 5 gallons.
  2. Before you go drowning your plants, please give us more info. Soil type? Type of light? How often are you watering and how much water are you giving at one time? Are you feeding? If so, with what and how often?

    Since your top growth looks good and your very bottom leaves are yellowing/curling tells me it's not a heat issue. More info is needed. Pictures will also help.
  3. Using a 400w mh bulb and fox farms ocean forest mixed wit a third of perlite. I gave my first feeding about a weeks ago and that's why I feel my plants may be locked up a bit with the burns these pics are about 3 days old or so but hopefully they will help.

    For some reason the pics won't upload at the moment so I I'll try again soon maybe the info I provided will help
  4. Here's lots of pics for you guys. Please help me in any way you can because I do not know how well this plant is doing.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  5. Plant looks good. How often are you watering? Don't worry about the very bottom two leaves. They will yellow up and die. Natural process. I don't see any yellow tips anywhere else. No reason to flush. Plant looks fairly young so I wouldn't even feed at this point. Just water as you normally would. Give it a couple weeks before you feed again.
  6. It's about 22 days old or maybe a bit less. I have serious ocd when it comes to this ice noticed lol so I notice every little thing and panic. But I'm glad you say she looks healthy I gave her a bit of phed water last night and I think it may have perked up a bit. I have given half a tsp of Buddha grow which was stupid. That was a little over a week ago tho and I don't think it really did too much.
  7. Overwatered which can cause lockout...just wait more days between waterings
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  8. I have only watered maybe 3 or 4 times since planting them. I only water a couple liters of water when I do. I wait at least a week between waterings but I will for sure lay off a bit.
  9. those are big pots to start em in and some plants are just picky maybe drill some holes on the side..is it humid there? that can slow transpiration...I water the whole thing to runoff then not again a week plus or sometimes I forget to check and they wilt..not the best indicator but lets you know when it's dust dry
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  10. These are autos I was told to start them in the pots they would finish in
  11. I know just saying it can be tricky to manage..they look good just need to dry out which can take a while sometimes..you can also get a moisture meter which is handy..once the roots get established they will take off
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  12. Thanks for the info man I have a soil meter but I'm afraid of ruining the roots with the meter.
  13. don't do it all the time once you get the hang of lifting the pot soaked and totally dry..do it like a inch or 2 from the edge
  14. Liters man that thing only needs ounces of water right now all of that water is just sitting there waiting it's turn to evaporate because the roots aren't there to soak it up to the leaves and the dirt is just soaked that should be dry as dust dirt at least an inch deep more like two inches before watering again

    I would give like four ounces of water at a pop once every four or five days the meters are a tool you can use but if the dirt doesn't blow away like dust out of your hand one inch or two deep it doesn't need water let it dry out before watering the plant breaths better when there is wet dry cycles when I grow autos I put them in a five gallon bucket also but I cut the bottom off of a Dixie cup and put it in the bucket then I put the seed in the center of the cup and only water the dirt inside the cup till that thing is good and strong then I start watering the bucket probably two to two and a half weeks after she comes into the world really stoned right now so sorry bout the book

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