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  1. So I have 17 day old seedlings in a 3 gallon pot and I was wondering how much I am suppose to water. I do not want to drown them but do i water until there is runoff still even with these little girls. I also watered until I had runoff when I transplanted into these pots 11 days ago and the bottom still has not become dry. Should I take the plants out and possible mix in more perlite or is this normal with having such a small plant in a large pot. I have only watered once and only about a cup for each plant. Any opinions?

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    stick your finger in as far as u can, if your finger has soil sticking to it (from being damp) you need not water. If your finger comes out clean, then it is time to water. I always water and allow runoff at about 1/3 of what i water. It helps to flush salt buildup in the soil and helps to more evenly disperse the water, making the soil moist more evenly.
  3. Thanks dude, so i should shoot for runnoff even with such small plants?
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    Yes always shoot for runoff it's means the whole pot has been watered. Just make sure to get te excess water out of the saucer. Think of it this way the roots go where the water is, if you don't get water to the bottom of the pot the roots won't explore down there. You always want as much roots as you can get
  5. that is what I wanted to know lol. Also the bottom of my pot has yet to get dry and its closing in on 2 weeks. Is there something I should do about drainage or is this common when plants are small and dont reach the bottom of the pot?

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