Watering Question w/8inch pot

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cali.Grown, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Im about to transplant my one white widow plant from a plastic cup to a
    plastic pot thats 8 inch's in diameter. Im using just regular potting soil nothing special. My question is how much water is enough to put in the
    soil every few days for a pot of this size? How much water would be flooding
    my plant?
    If any one has any feedback thatd be GREAT!! :D

  2. One thing you will want to do is mix in about 20 percent perlite. That will make your soil more porous. Excess water will run out the drain holes in the bottom of the pot rather than sitting suspended in the soil, rotting your plant's roots. You will still be able to over-water, it will just be tougher to do.

    Make it 20 percent perlite and 20 percent vermiculite and it will be almost impossible to overwater, but you will have a lot of runoff.

    One advantage of having porous soil (which MJ prefers) is that you can get an accurate pH reading for the soil by testing the pH of the runoff.

    Another advantage is that if you over-fertilize, you can flush the soil without drowning the plant.

    I wish I knew these things before I started my grow.

    Notice how I didn't really answer your question. :D
  3. It really depends on water quaility.If your water has high salts let 25% run out the end!
    If you have good water let 10% run off will be enough.your best bet is to buy a ec ,ppm tds meter all in one unit ,they cost 50 euros/dollars up,you can test the water quality buddy,try to keep a 0.8ec to 1.0 late flowering for lovely natural green grown plants!
    excuse me for saying this but nutrient companies are full of shit,they make less bud with there bull shit reciepes! Try this you will never have a problem!

  4. Thanks for all the quick replies!! about running 10percent out, would that be overwatering my plant?
    im planning on putting the pot in a hole in the ground to minimize detction so I wont know when 10 percent is running out :smoking:
  5. hey man id just like to say i just had to transplant out of 8 inch pots recently because they werent big enough and had to switch to 12 inch 3-4 gallon pots to finish in, something to think about maybe man, mine were 10 weeks old when transplanted and were root bound in 8 inch pots

    also when watering i always use the runoff method also, as soon as it begins to leak water from the bottom i stop watering and i water only when the top layer of soil is dry knuckle deep

    good luck with your grow!
  6. Sweet THanks a ton for all the help that sounds like a good method to go by

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