Watering! Please help!

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  1. Hi all, hope ur all doing ok!

    My girls are currently in 11L pots at the min and ive been watering about every four days. I water until theres run off of about an inch deep in the saucers, when i look in the morning its all gone from the saucer...im giving them around the same amount of about 1800-1900ML each. My question is this...

    Would you say its better to water less and more frequently? Ive been reading that if you water more and less often your girls might show deficiencies that might not even be there due to watering more and less often. I use the finger method to tell if my soil is dry, when i come to feed them its very lightly moist to where i can rub it off my finger which i think is OK? Im really paranoid about watering because i no its an essential factor towards growth. And i dont know if im stunting them by doing the current water schedule there on at the min? Any answers would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!
  2. Watering is really simple. Forget the saucer forget scedules. I assume your growing in soil. Theres no need to be paranoid. You probably could make things worse by being to paranoid. Its like issues with plants sometimes the treatment is worse then the spots on just a couple of leaves that you think you need to fix.

    The easiest method that has never failed me is the pick up method. Pick it up its heavy no need to water, Pick it up its light time to water. Let it dry out between waterings. Theres no need for the finger method or misting. Just use that and your set. Nute once a week if your at that time to do that. I water my plants in the tub and I water till I about 1/3 of what I put in run off. The soil gets completely saturated.

    How much varies on the plant size to how old the plant is pot size etc. Towards the last month I usually have to water every single day. Just how it is. Youll figure that out as time goes.

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