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  1. 3 q's

    1. my tap is at 6.7...that's pretty good right? but my soil is at 6.9. which is a little high. will the water bring the soil down eventually?

    2. even if my tap is good...do i still let the chlorine gas out off it? or will that change the ph?

    3. WHEN do you water. not how often, but when. lights off? on? in the middle of the cycle?


  2. Bottom line...Test your PH under every circumstance (questions 1 and 2) and keep a very close eye on your plant (question 3). She will tell you what she needs and when she likes it. Could've answered all these questions already yourself, but I hope my input helps a bit. Good luck on the grow! :smoke:

    If you have problems with the Ph, invest in some PhUP and PhDOWN product. It is priceless, in the long run, and is cheap to begin with. Look into GeneralHydroponics brand. It's pretty common, efficient, and fairly cheap.
  3. i totally thought my filtered water would be better than tap...but my filter is badass and for some reason is waaaay more alkaline than the tap.

    good for me. not good for the plants.

    so i'm glad i tested my tap too...now we just have to dedicate a bucket for letting the chlorine evap. (if that turns out to be the best thing to do)
  4. Like I said, get some PhUp and PhDown product, mainly for your filtered water. It will probably be a bit better than your tap water. Tap water generally has a lot of dissolved chemicals in it, copper, sulfer and the like. Best bet is to try both, on two plants if you've got them, and see what works best. Maybe your tap is some bomb shit for plants, I dunno.
  5. pH is just one of the things to look at BUT,ppm is really the big kahuna.

    Adding nutes will always lower the pH AND raise the ppm.

    High ppm tap is not good either,find a mix of "your water" and tap to meet the needs of the plants.;)

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