watering over soil or just the water pan?

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  1. so ive been growing for a little awhile now (6 months). And ive always watered/ferted over the soil. But ive been having gnat problems. can i just put water in the waterpan under the pots? or do i have to water over the soil?
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    You can do both, but that won't really help the gnat problem.

    They must live/breed where its wet. Any they seem to go
    where it is wettest.
    And there are soooo many cure's, none of whiched worked for me.

    So I stumbled, really, upon this which worked/works like a dream.
    Take a small pot, size of a large coffee mug, fill with usual media.
    SOAK IT.
    Take one(1) clove of garlic from the kitchen, bury 1/2 way, point up.
    Put it in the grow area.
    The most important thing is that it is ALWAYS wet, Its a natural
    gnat-pisser-offer. It takes no room, and loves it wet.
    A small fan aimed at the base of the other plants to speed drying
    of the top of the soil will help too.

    If you have/run a humidifier, check the pad. Mine was black with
    the little snots.

    Oh, and the tall garlic shoots are yummy too.
    Remember, not floating but wet 24/7.

  3. hmm very intresting ill try that... but watering from the top bottom wouldnt the roots get more? but i also heard by watering at the pan the roots will only pull what they need.. so which way is better for the plant?
  4. Personally, in soil or soilless mix, I never water from the bottom.

    Reason being, as you water from the top, salts, unused nutes,
    and crap are slowly washed down thru the soil and out the
    bottom onto the drip tray. Never let the root system sit in water.

    Just water till you get a slight dribble out the bottom and all is good.
  5. gotcha thanks alot! :D
  6. If you have gnat problems it really does not matter if you water at the bottom they will lay larva there as well if they have not already. I can tell you how to get rid of them though and prevent them from returning. As you are aware they are fond of damp moist soils letting your soil dry out completely will help reduce there affinity for your plants containers. Purchase yourself some yellow sticky traps from a garden greenhouse supplier and place one in every pot laying flat I glue mine to lip of the pot so as to not get it wet watering. Next you need a package of mosquito dunks you can find these at your local hardware store. Use about 1 dunk soaked in as much water as it takes for you to be able to pour about 1 cup top and bottom in each plant the dunks contain a live organism that enter the fungus gnat host larva from “behind” if you follow me and proceed to eat there way through there host. They are very effective little warriors but they must be applied every 3 days as that is there life cycle you will need to keep this up for about 3 weeks or 7 applications to re-mediate the problem this should eliminate all the adults and all larva they have laid. Good luck!

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  7. I have had fair luck controlling them by sprinkling sevin dust occasionally on the soil. I never noticed any ill effects on the finished product. I use it on my tomatoes, squash etc....
  8. My experience has been quite diferent. I use pro-mix and apart from an initial top watering when setting a clone or transplanting, to settle the mix, i only bottom water when using water soluble nute. FF big bloom will settle out when left standing, so that is top watered. If the roots were bothered by water, then many hydro methods would be disaster. I mostly bottom water when i can because it's easier to fill a tray, and results in less compaction. damping off and root rots are caused by fungus and/or bacteria. sterilize equipment, don't re-use mix,wash hands before handling plants or fluids. Works for me! There is a strip called Hot Shot that is easy to get. Just pull it out of the package part of the way, and hang it in the grow room, and no gnats, spiders, mites, etc. for months. Cheap too.

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