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watering / nutrients

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by seenizle, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone.
    I ordered 30 seeds from HGS about 5 days ago..
    and My whole setup is gonna be coming within a couple days.. i'm EXCITED! :D
    Anyways this is my first grow and im using a ebb n flow drip system i made myself..
    Just wondering when i should turn the water timer on and for how long? also im using floranova, grow/bloom for nutes.
    What i was told was 15-30 mins a day 3 times a day for watering.. And im not sure when to use the nutrients.. Some help would be awesome.. im hoping for a decent first grow :).
    any help would be sweet.
  2. dont nute yet dude give it a week from seedling.
  3. ight... my setup isnt even up yet.. still waiting for half my stuff to be shipped in.
    anyways how often to you nute/water ur plants??
  4. My first grow was very fun and exciting but I killed the plants with too much love over watering and too much nutes, that was in soil though i've always been told hydroponic growing is alot harder and plants can die much much faster if something goes wrong.

    I think the plants just need water for the first 1-2weeks? and than just follow the instructions of your nutes and you should be ok, do you have a ppm meter for the nutrients?

    3 times a day 15min each seems like a good watering schedule.

    best of luck to you
  5. no i dont have a ppm meter!! i have every other meeter though..
    where do i get one? should i order one online? or
  6. you can probbably get one from the same place you got everything else, ppm I think the other one is TDS (basically the same thing just a different scale)

    Parts Per Million or Total Disolved Solids which you might have gotten
  7. ah k cool, didnt know ppm / TDS meters were the same thing. thanks bro
  8. ALSO A Quick question... is 600watt MH to much for 20 plants in veg? or should i just keep the light higher up? and would 1000watt HPS be enough for my flowering room>?
    Thanks.. just need some verification./
  9. #9 VolcanoToke, Aug 6, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2008
    I think a 600w is good for a 6' x 6' area max, and plants I believe need at least 1' sq to grow well (obviously certain strains are different) which would leave space for 36 plants packed together. 1.5' sq per plant would probbably be better and leave space for 24 plants.

    My grow place says customers tell them that a 600w gavata (with the reflector on the inside surface of the bulb) with a good electronic ballast is comparable to a 1000w plain bulb in a magnetic ballast. (partly because the 600w is cooler and can be placed closer, and the efficiency of the in-bulb reflector)

    so to your question I would say 20 plants is no problem for veg (especially if you use smaller pots and transplant later so you can bunch them closer together under the lamp when they are small.

    I would reccomend the 600w gavita and a lumitek ballast (which would also be able to light the MH with the same ballast)


  10. Damn it seems to work out pretty well.. I bought a 600watt mh/hps lumitek ballast haha.
    But only a standard bulb. The standard bulbs push out alot of lumens so im not to worried...
    Thanks for the feedback bro.

    Btw, i still dont know the correct times to water/nute the plants. help plz :p

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