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  1. Hi forum.
    Been reading a ton the past few months and have aquired two spinners with their new water delivery system. To those of you who are familiar with the spinner you know that it was originally a flood and drain system. They have updated the system to replace the flood and drain with what I would call a spray type of rig consisting of a tube with nozzels spraying the roots from underneith. I've been running this system for aprox 2 weeks with 6 transplanted (and overwatered)Oracle girls on 12/12 almost from the get go.
    Question is...running such a 'spray' system with the standard ebb n flow water pump (sorry I don't have the specs right now), how often does everyone think I should be watering? Your opinions and suggestions are more than welcome.
    Thanks guys!!:smoking:
  2. I'm running the aeroponic ring as well. I'm growing in hydroton rocks, I have my sprayers on for 6.5 minutes and off for 10. Plants are sucking up the nute solution at day 50 about 5 gallons a day (no evaporation, just straight chugging that water). If you are using rockwool, I was told 3 times a day in early flower and about 6 times a day in late flower. Just makes sure to keep the pumps on long enough to saturate the rockwool and don't let them dry out.

    There is a new DWC system the spinner guys just released. I have a couple buddies running that right now and they say it's much better than the aeroponic ring.

    What strain are you running?


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