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  1. I just watered this girl yesterday with 2 gallons of H2O. Probe is inserted approximately 6-8” into 7 gallon pot. She is week 7 of flower. Soil is dry, dry first 2”. Do I water every day now?

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  2. dont rely on that probe mate, water your plant with a little bit and when the water just runs out the bottom, wait about 15 min and slowly water again until it starts to runoff, you will soon notice by waiting a few min that the runoff seems to slow down, then lean your pot and i bet it is then heavy, you dont have to water all the time unless your in coco , with soil the light will heat the sides of your pots and then soil will pull away from the pot , then when you water it just runs straight out, watering slowly make the soil absorb and expand , you probally not getting the plant water to the root ball if you see what i mean
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  3. When growing in soil indoors I go by the weight of the pot. The weight of the soil will yell you if it needs to be watered or not. If its heavy its fine. If its really light you need to water. After a few weeks you'll get used to the cycle and know how often to water without having to lift the pot up.
  4. Those moisture probes don't work for shit.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Total China Shit ...avoid water by weight only............................... it is the way!
  6. Gotcha. Thanks
  7. From a fun debate perspective - my opinion - I'll take underwater vs overwater any day.

    Anyone prefer to overwater vs underwater?
  8. A lot depends on your climate and the relative humidity. You don't need to water your plant every day, that is unlikely to be good for it. You don't want to water too little, but you don't want to water too much. When you water, you should "water deep," for a plant's roots grow outward, not all around. When you water, you should water thoroughly, so that the entire root system will be wet. The first time you water a newly-potted plant, you should water it until a gallon of water drains out the bottom hole of the pot. After that, you should water until there is just a little bit of water coming out of the first holes of the pot. At that point, you should wait, see how long it takes the soil to dry out. Some plants take a long time, some plants take a short time. If it takes a long time, then you should wait and watch the soil. Then, if it seems to be taking a long time, you can water it again. But you don't have to be doing all this on a daily basis. I don't think that you can afford to be doing it every day.
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